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Delicious peanut butter cups made with my delicious “chocolate” 🙂 Each order comes with two cups and includes a video of how they’re made! They’re twice as large and thick as regular peanut butter cups–notice how they’re in cupcake wrappers? The bottom layer is chocolate, covered in a layer of half peanut butter, half shit ? then topped with another delicious layer of chocolate! Yum! And I KNOW it’s yummy, since I’ve taste tested them myself, and you can even watch me eat some in the video <3

HEALTH DISCLAIMER: While healthy poop can be used for life-saving medical treatments (such as for Fecal Microbiota Transplants) poop is still poop 🙂 And I like to do my extreme kinking on the informed side. So here’s a little bit about me: I’m STD/HIV/HEP/parasite free (yes, I got tested before selling my poo, and get annual testing! Am currently in a monogamous relationship and we’ve both been tested and are clear) I also eat a mostly organic, non-vegetarian diet with lots of veggies and probiotics 🙂

Please note that while I’ve done my part to make sure that eating and playing with my poop falls in the realm of reasonably safe (and my years of good track record don’t hurt! Hundreds of people have enjoyed my shit with no issues) that *no* sex act is 100% risk free, and that includes poop play 🙂

Some general precautions include freezing poop when you’re not enjoying it, and DO NOT taste/eat poop in general when you have any cuts/sores in or around your mouth (don’t floss 12 hours before/after eating poo for this reason) or smear if you have *any* nicks, cuts or scrapes on your body to avoid possible infection (same as when you’re gardening in the dirt!) Also, playing with anyone else’s poop besides your own when you have a compromised immune system is not recommended as it increases risk overall 🙂 And as for hygiene, please make sure to soap up thoroughly afterwards, spray your tub/shower with a water/bleach solution after when you clean up, and use lots of mouth-wash! Pro tip: Lavender and mint soaps help mask the smell <3 Be safe, sane, and enjoy!

20 reviews for SHIPPABLE: Poo-Nut Butter Cups!

  1. Michael (verified owner)

    Totally amazing!!!! You will be hooked on them…

  2. James (verified owner)

    I loved having these. Definitely taste her poop in these. I got super hard eating them. I may buy her whole poop next. I wish to serve this sexy woman one day. It would be heavenly! 10/10 5 Stars. Will be back! xx

  3. Ladodgers03lrt (verified owner)

    These cups are pretty dam good. I wasn’t sure if I’d like them because I’m new to this, but it taste surprisingly good. If you were just handed this treat and couldn’t smell the shit, you would think it’s just a Reese’s cup. Rachelle packs a lot of her shit in there, but the taste isn’t too strong; just enough 🙂

  4. Ar1995 (verified owner)

    These were my first experience eating shit. I was super nervous about the taste and smell, so after chatting with rachelle, she recommended these or the muffins since the shit isn’t as noticeable. So I when they arrived I waited until I knew I wouldn’t be disturbed and took a small bite. The were suprisely sweet and much more pleasant than I had imagined. I honestly wouldn’t have guessed there was shit in them aside from the texture. I was immediately aroused as I began to chew and taste her shit slightly more, however it wasn’t overpowering. If you’re curious about eating shit, I would highly recommend starting with these. I still have one more left to enjoy and I’m looking forward to it tonight.

  5. Airwildcat (verified owner)

    Rachelle’s Poo-Nut Butter Cups are exquisite and way better than Reese’s. The thing that seperates it apart is the two layers of chocolate are complemented so well by the very delicious poo filling center, I ❤️ these tasty morsels they are so delectable as a dessert?

  6. Rumpelstiltskin (verified owner)

    Package arrived in perfect condition. You allayed any of my worries with your four fold layering and protective packaging. I refrigerated it for 3 hours to chill and firm it up again. But then I had to open it up and remove one of them for my pleasure. I went slowly after peeling back the wrapper, exploring it with my senses. First visually, then savoring the scent of it. And then licking your most intimate chocolate. I had to lick enough to cover the front of my tongue, I then fully explored your flavor. After swallowing that first taste, I took a bite of the 3 layers. Savoring the contrast between the chocolate, peanut butter and your personal chocolate, you are truly delicious! I stopped there, as you are going to be my dessert for the next 2 weeks at least. I won’t be satisfied until I have consumed all of your treat. I can’t thank you enough for sharing such an intimate part of yourself with me.

  7. flyhigh (verified owner)

    What is a Reese cup compared to these.!!!!! The best shit and chocolate combination ever.
    Middle is full of shit the best treat I have had so far. The others are good but these make you want to stock up. I ate one at work while everyone was around and could smell it but I passed it off as something on our feet. Next is her Raw shit I’m going to buy two loads fully eat one load and cook with the other. ??

  8. dasteele870 (verified owner)

    Honestly these were so good a classic scat snack, best bargain treat, you get more than you pay for IMO!

    Thanks Rachelle you’re the greatest!:)

  9. Zain (verified owner)

    Loved them. They are great. Ordering more now.

  10. brett (verified owner)

    If they came in 6 packs i would order them by the dozen (6×12). These and the snickers are the treat if you have a hard time with the raw essence (which is the best actually). Just finished one i had been saving in the freezer and am about to order some more. First timers wont be disappointed.

  11. Spidey777 (verified owner)

    A absolute must have. The peanut butter/chocolate with rachelle’s shit is a amazing combination. I got 4, just ate my first just now without any troubles. Usually when I eat poo brownies from other sellers, I gag a bit but Rachelle’s turds are sweet and earthy. Loved it!

  12. Michael (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious!! Nice poopy smell; exquisite taste. I bought 4 and I am savouring every bite. They arerich so I am only eating 1/2 at a time. I can eat them anywhere and nobody is the wiser.
    They make me hard and super excited knowing nobody on the subway knows what my treats are.
    Yummy yummy.
    I love ? Rachelle

  13. Michael (verified owner)

    Just got mine in today and I am in love! The texture and flavor is amazing. ♥♥♥♥♥

  14. milespk (verified owner)

    All I can say is wow, these taste amazing!! I have been a fan of LoveRachelle2 since prior to her selling treats and finally had the guts to buy some shippable products. This is my first time buying any poo products so I didn’t know what to expect. First off the packaging was very discrete and professional looking (no one would suspect the lovely treats enclosed 🙂 I put these in the freezer for a little while just because I thought it would be easier to eat and I wanted to be a good toilet slave and clean my plate. After chilling for a few hours, I broke open the package and started taking bites. To my suprise these tasted delicous and I just kept eating becuase it was like a frozen peanut butter shit cookie. Not sure why I waited to long to buy these because they are wonderful and super easy to eat. It tastes a little earthy but the peanut butter and chocolate balance out to make a really yummy treat. I highly recommend these products from Rachelle (or maybe I should say no so I get to eat all of her devine chocolate 😉 Next up in my lineup is the chocolate cookies with poo filling.

  15. mykeypoo (verified owner)

    Best candy I have ever eaten. So deliciously decadent. I opened the second one like it was an Oreo. You are my queen.

  16. Bleach1 (verified owner)

    This was my first time trying loverachelle poo, I was so turned on just knowing I was holding something from her awesome ass! The smell gave me an immediate erection! I have one now thinking back on this lol! I wasn’t able to finish it all, but I will definitely try again!

  17. w00ters82 (verified owner)

    Very nice. I couldn’t even tell the difference. They were very delicious. I would recommend these to first timers. I was even hoping for a bit more chunks.

  18. Subbygreg (verified owner)

    Long Time Loyal Piggy Greg here with my review of Rachelle’s Devine PooNut Butter Cups. 5 Stars all around!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
    First the Flavor. I’ve feed from 5 different Women in the past 10 years. Rachelle’s shit is hands down the Best Tasting! Sweet and Earthy!
    Second, the benefits. Earthiness, Scent, Smoothness on the tounge as well as Healthy content from Her excellent diet of nuts, seeds, vegetables, and vitamins. My own poop went from runny messy to thick and solid after introducing her good stomach bugs into my system.
    And Third, Value. These cups are Hugh! They are in my opinion , the best dollar value on her menu by far. The amount of raw Rachelle filling will satisfy any hungry Pigs craving.
    These are an excellent Training tools if your like myself , Self Training to eagerly eat my future Wife’s raw poop without hesitation. 🐷

  19. Jack0 (verified owner)

    So when I was new to tasting, I went with Rachelle’s advice and started with brownies- they were good but I don’t go crazy for brownies so I went with these next: my first raw trial. I cut them into 6 pieces each and kept them frozen. I let a piece thaw for about 15 mins and it’s ready. They were honestly so good that I was eating the chocolate first so I could really taste the peanut butter mix. I’ve gotten them a few times now and am hooked!!! If you don’t know which thing to try first, I definitely recommend this 100%!

  20. Kelly (verified owner)

    I just finished the last one of my second order of them. I guess I am addicted to the taste of Rachelle. When I get them I put them in the freezer.

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