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My delicious poop right at your doorstep! 🙂

Purchases will be shipped in the order they’re received 🙂 Average wait before shipping will now be 4 weeks per turd due to demand. Buy now to get in line! 🙂 If you want poopy goods faster, order my other treats!


**IF YOU WANT A VIDEO of me shitting out the turd I send you, you can order a custom video, minimum 10 minutes.  Check my “Custom Video” page for rates/info! If you ask for a custom video of your poop, you’ll get what I poop during the shoot. I always try to have big poops, but variation happens**

If you have any questions shoot me a PM! If you’re an international buyer let’s see if we can work something out ?

About me: I’m STD/HIV/parasite free (yes, I got tested before selling my poo!) and eat a mostly organic, non-vegetarian diet with lots of probiotics

Please note: I *always* get requests for my “biggest” poop… SO!  Let me be up front and just say that I’m always trying to make sure I produce big, nice turds, but it’s not always something I can control, and I don’t hold my shit to make the load bigger or harder–it’s extremely painful for me, I’m also in demand, and I just can’t. I can easily avoid mailing wet/small poop but I can’t “custom make” your load. even less so if you want the shit I shat for you in a custom video. I usually shit every day, so if you’re pleased with the size and quality of my poop from the way it looks in my vids/thumbnails, then you’re good!  If you REALLY want extra poop, then buy two loads! If you “have” to have a hard or super-hard load, move along. My Poop is regularly a Type 4 on the Bristol Chart!

PRO-TIP! When it’s summer and it’s HOT, so when your treats arrive in the mail, throw them in the fridge/freezer for a while before taking them out of the vacuum seal package, then enjoy!

HEALTH DISCLAIMER: While healthy poop can be used for life-saving medical treatments (such as for Fecal Microbiota Transplants) poop is still poop! And I like to do my extreme kinking on the informed side. So here’s a little bit about me: I’m STD/HIV/HEP/parasite free (yes, I got tested before selling my poo, and get annual testing! Am currently in a monogamous relationship and we’ve both been tested and are clear) and eat lots of veggies, grains, fruits and probiotics 🙂 PLEASE NOTE: I WON’T MAKE LIFESTYLE CHANGES TO MAKE YOU A “CUSTOM” TURD! I’ve always said this, but recently I’ve been forced to spell this out further–this includes catering to allergies, etc. This means if you have allergies that must be catered to, don’t buy from me! I eat what I eat, and I shit what I shit. You have been warned!! 🙂

Please note that while I’ve done my part to make sure that eating and playing with my poop falls in the realm of reasonably safe (and my years of good track record don’t hurt! Hundreds of people have enjoyed my shit with no issues) that *no* sex act is 100% risk free, and that includes poop play

Some general precautions include freezing poop when you’re not enjoying it, and DO NOT taste/eat poop in general when you have any cuts/sores in or around your mouth (don’t floss 12 hours before/after eating poo for this reason) or smear if you have *any* nicks, cuts or scrapes on your body to avoid possible infection (same as when you’re gardening in the dirt!) Also, playing with anyone else’s poop besides your own when you have a compromised immune system is not recommended as it increases risk overall. And as for hygiene, please make sure to soap up thoroughly afterwards, spray your tub/shower with a water/bleach solution after when you clean up, and use lots of mouth-wash! Pro tip: Lavender and mint soaps help mask the smell <3 Be safe, sane, and enjoy!

40 reviews for SHIPPABLE: Buy My Poop!

  1. Justinosbo (verified owner)

    I do recommend. I mostly buy shit because I’m aroused by the strong smell and occasionally the taste. I mostly get off by rubbing it on myself and/or using it as lubricant.

  2. Tyler (verified owner)

    This shit is dope.
    Really tho, I doubt you’ll be disappointed. Rachelles turds are BIG! – as you can see from her videos. They’re also nice and heavy. Since it’s in a bag and not a Tupperware, you can really feel the weight of it. Consistency? Best around. She has a super healthy system so her poop is full of fiber and even some food too. If you want an up close look at what you’d be dealing with, check out this link:
    This video showcases the “inside” of her turds. Really not sure what else you say when praising someone else’s poop… It’s definitely poopy. Go for it.

  3. Alfred (verified owner)

    “Having seen so many of Rachelle’s superb clips and been mesmerised watching those long, thick turds slowly emerging from her gorgeous ass I just knew. I had to have one; one to taste, to chew and to swallow. When ordering I asked Rachelle if she would make a custom clip, in which she simply sat as she told me exactly how I was to eat her poop. Rachelle agreed but conditionally; I would have to write to her describing the taste. I shall try.

    The whole experience assailed me with a medley of sensations as I followed Rachelle’s instructions last night. I picked up her first turd and, as directed, kissed it with gentle awe, coating my tongue as I licked it for a while before biting off that first piece. As my teeth cut away that chunk of thick, hard turd I felt the most exhilarating frisson of sexual excitement compounded by the sight and sound of this beautiful woman in front of me, the woman whose shit was now in my mouth. Initially the taste was something of a surprise. Whereas the smell from the pack was strong with an earthy pungency, not less so by having spent over a week in the mail during its Atlantic crossing, that first taste was unexpectedly light, almost bland. For a while it lay on my tongue ……. softening. Slowly a little dissolved and with it emerged the taste. That was earthy. I swirled it round my mouth and coated my lips. The first tastes of Rachelle’s shit dribbled down my throat as I gazed at her and saw those fingers, sharing my pleasure, as they busied themselves at her own creamy lips. As that first turd softened the tip of my tongue probed its depth. Here it found taste, a rich, animal flavour that I struggle to describe but will never fail to recognise: I chewed the turd, almost with a sense of urgency to test the texture, to explore the taste. Its texture, as with the others I later ate, was remarkably consistent. It was thick and heavy indicative, I think, of a well digested, high fibre, diet. The tastes were varied and fascinating; each morsel containing its own delight, its own surprise. There were many that I could not recognise but I am sure I detected a spice but then it was gone to be replaced by …. by what? A sweetness or was it a fragrance I could detect and then it too was lost. I loved taking Rachelle’s hard turds and breaking them down with teeth and tongue until I could swallow her thick liquid shit with its myriad differing tastes. Heaven sent and perhaps Heaven’s scent.

    Thankfully, the poop Rachelle has mailed is very generous and much remains in a cool store to eat in coming nights with more opportunities to test its taste and texture. But despite giving my teeth a thorough brushing I still have, several hours later, a Rachelle after-taste to savour.”

  4. boberty (verified owner)

    This amazing gift from the awesome Rachelle, is the best “chocolate” money can buy.

  5. MrT82 (verified owner)

    I bought one of Rachelle’s poops and a custom video to go with it, and had a great time! This was my first time having access to a woman’s poop, so it was quite an experience for me. It was very well packaged, with no smell until I cut the vacuum bag. The initial smell from inside the bag was very strong, but the shit itself was surprisingly mellow smelling, and actually rather interesting to look at and put my fingers in. Lots of texture and surprises. I had a little laugh when I found a whole bean! There was also a small amount of rectal mucous on the denser part of the poop, I don’t know if there’s a word for that (shit-lube? butt-snot?), but that was pretty cool too. I tasted a little of what I got on my fingers, and was amazed at how sweet it was. I waited way too long to do this, and I’ll definitely be doing it again.

  6. shines77 (verified owner)

    Buy this! You won’t be disappointed. Just the smell alone is worth the price.

  7. Luis (verified owner)

    Bought a custom video and a load..all I have to say is WOW. Her poop never had a strong smell and it was very sweet not really bitter. Went down very smooth too! Ate as much as I could and then blew the biggest load ever. I love being her toilet and next time I’ll make sure I get every last bit of her chocolate in my stomach and ill lick the container clean too!

  8. George (verified owner)

    It’s hard to top Alfie’s review so I won’t try…I’ll just say that I am a very satisfied customer. The aroma and taste are absolutely wonderful as is the consistency, especially the little nuggets. Just received it today and have enjoyed sniffing, tasting, and playing with it. Looking forward to more fun with Rachelle’s poop tomorrow. First of many orders I’m sure.

  9. brett (verified owner)

    I’ve bought 3 times and have been very happy. The consistency has ranged from hard to semi-soft. but has never been sloppy. The volume has varied as well, but was never disappointing. Working on 3rd order now that was the softest and strongest smelling (not a complaint). I actually hope no one buys her gifts, so the price will drop and i can buy a load every week. Her vids are so hot that i have to ration my purchases so i don’t go broke. Her hairy armpits are the most sexy thing i have ever seen, she it the coolest person in the world and i hope she has the happiest life of anyone on the planet. I feel guilty that she makes a living selling me her poop. But can’t complain as i get the benefil

  10. Scatlover16 (verified owner)

    I received rachelle’s shit in the mail. After waiting anxiously for it to make its way over the Atlantic and I have to say as soon as I picked it up from the mail depot. I tore the package open so I could smell it. And it was strong. I drove all the way home smelling what was coming from the parcel. Getting hard from every sniff. As soon as I got home. I ripped the parcel open and out came the smell. It was very strong at first. Probably due to its hot journey. It filled my nose. I couldn’t resist. I shoved my nose straight into it. Touching myself. I then grabbed it and played with it. Running it up my hard penis. I stuck my mouth into it firstly breathing it it before eating it like it was porridge. Wanting myself with it while sniffing and eating it. I then cum all over the remainder of her shit. By then after playing with it for so long and mixing it up was like melted Ice cream. And I slurped the rest up. If it was possible. I’d pay rachelle to shit directly into my mouth every day. Amazing buy

  11. brett (verified owner)

    Just received my 4th order from Rachelle. It is the best one to date. I was able to untangle the poo and reassemble it as it came out, which was awesome. From the initial poo balls (god these are wonderful) to the squeezed off tail (squishy and sweet) it was wonderful. What a world we live in that we can get such awesome gifts from such a beautiful lady. If you don’t indulge yourself with her offering at least once, you will live a life less fulfilled. I wish Rachelle was running for President of the USA, at least i know that her shit is the real thing and not from a bull. Thanks for what you do Rachelle!!!

  12. Nicky (verified owner)

    From the first moment I saw Rachelle’s radiant smile I knew she was in the upper echelon of women in terms of sheer beauty. Needless to say I was intrigued. In my quest to find out more I happened upon this site and caught a glimpse of what I consider to be the roundest, phattest, most geometrical perfect bubble booty in the whole world. From that day forward I made up my mind that I had to eat her shit. Unfortunately at the time she wasn’t offering her shit for sale. So I waited patiently until that very moment came. And then waited some more because I was nervous to pull the trigger. But eventually I said fuck it and put my order in.

    Which brings me to today…

    I’m writing this with my stomach full of her shit. And OMG… it taste absolutely delicious. First off, it was mailed to me quicker than I expected. Secondly, the packaging was put together discreetly and with care. Finally, she sent me so much of her shit. It was truly a generous load and what made it even better was the variety which ranged from hard, with a couple of really thick logs, to small with a ton of those bite size shit nuggets. Yay!!! It was exactly how I envisioned and also as I hoped the texture would be. Oh and what about the smell? It was seriously out of this world. Smelled like hot shit but with a heavenly scent. Plus her doo-doo showed no signs of age. It’s as if it was fresh from her butt directly into my mouth. No kidding!!! Damn I can’t believe I ate it all. Yes it was hard and I did gag a few times but my dick was rock solid throughout and it was by far the most cum I’ve ever nutted in my entire life. Having cleaned up I can still taste her on my lips. I can still smell her on my fingertips. And now her essence is within me. She’s a true goddess of the highest order and this is surely the best thing money can buy.

    Thank you, Mistress Rachelle, for the greatest gift known to man.


  13. Roger (verified owner)

    Received my package today! What an amazing smell and taste! Not much I can say that has not been said in the past reviews. 5 Stars and a must buy!
    You are Amazing Rachelle!

  14. Max (verified owner)

    Hello everyone.

    Im here because i felt that owe a review of my purchase of Rachelle’s poo and pee :).

    Due to the high demand , i had to wait about 3 1/2 to 4weeks for my order to come in , but only 6 days after it had been shipped since im international .

    When i got it in the mail, my heart beat like rabbit and i was nervous and excited because ive never tried a girls poop before and to be honest , a part of me was hoping that i could get rid of this fetish once and for all if i ate some , so i went into the washroom and grabbed a small spoon from the kitchen and opened up the box and vaccuum sealed package and got a very strong smell , just like if you had gone to the bathroom yourself and hadnt flushed lol.

    I started by sipping some of the pee that i got in a bottle ; it was really strong and had an unfamiliar taste (and ive drank urine before ) , i drank about 1/4 of the bottle and dumped it down the drain 🙁 necause i thought it had a weird herbally taste, and in retrospect i wish i just chugged it down .
    Moving on to the poo, i stood there getting used to the smell for a bit and looking at the texture ; i would say it smelled a little on the older side and had a strong bean-like smell , similar to the smell of a pot of beans or cast iron pan waiting to be washed lol. After i had gotten used to the smell , i wanted to taste it but my brain was telling me ” dont do it , it’ll make you throw up or gag ” but i new that i had to in order to possibly rid of this fetish or to know for sure that it was part of me . I took a spoonfull and without thinking , i just took it into my mouth and let it sit there ; it was surprisingly not so bad and tasted like a blob of beans and this one wasnt sweet at all , but i could describe it as tasting a mud ball , it just tasted almost like a mixture of beans and like mud with a really bland earthy taste. I didnt gag and i swallowed it with the help of some water, the only problem was that as soon as it was in my belly , i felt almsot like my body was telling me it shouldnt be in there and my belly kept rumbling , so to not risk it , i put the rest in the garbage and tossed it away in layers of garbage bags to disguise the smell.

    In the end , i was feelijg grossed out with myself and said that im happy i tried it because i wouldnt want to do it again …but i was wrong… and after an hr of throwing it away , i felt a huge urge to do it again and even though i was upset with myself , i just wanted to continue and i feel bad because i have a fiance that i love very much , but she would never want to do this because of her disgust of the subject .

  15. nibbler66 (verified owner)

    Suburb shit! Simply magnificent. Rachelle is a shitting goddess. If you love the sight smell and taste of poop from a lovely asshole, nestled perfectly between 2 of the most beautiful ass cheeks ever born, you must buy a load of her shit.
    As I opened my discrete package, I savored the glorious aroma of her freshly laid turd and marveled at the size and appearance of her log. It was obvious that the thick specimen had fallen directly from her puckering asshole into the container. At least 10 inches long and bent in half to fit in the box. I couldn’t resist and gave it’s entire length and hearty lick, gathering a mouthful of her precious unction before returning to work and swimming in her heavenly scent for the rest of the day.
    Once finally able to be alone with her beautiful turd. ..well I won’t bore you with details of that, but after my initial feeding, I packaged up the remainder into bite sized pieced which I foil wrapped and zip locked and put in cold storage. Now I enjoy her special kisses daily. I’ll be needing to order again soon!
    The only thing better would be to be able to receive her warm precious gift directly from her puffy Perfect asshole as she said to me the wonderful things she says while shitting.
    Don’t sell yourself short. Buy the best. Buy Rachelle! I will be again…soon it appears.

  16. princesscake (verified owner)

    My scatplay is completely based around eating/swallowing, I never smear or waste any. My own always makes me gag or heave until I’m completely put off playing anymore, but Rachelle’s shit for some reason goes down like candy! I had my entire mouth full as I chewed it up and gulped it down and didn’t gag once! I was able to finish the entire tray she sent in the span of a couple hours of split sessions.

    After finishing I twaddled my kitty until my arm was sore, I was so turned on having her entire load in my tummy >w< I do wish there was a bit more in the tray though, in her videos she always produces huge anacondas but my load was relatively small and a lot softer/mud like in consistency which is my only complaint.

    A couple tips if you consume are to heat it up first anyway you can; I suggest placing the bag/tray over a heating vent as it will quickly warm up to body temperature :3 also don't have eyes bigger than your stomach, eat half the load then wait a while to see how you feel… I felt great and turned on as hell but got the runs a few hours after :/ although that might of been due to the pee I ordered since it can work as a laxative as well.

    Will definitely buy again… once the price drops down a little x3

  17. hiro (verified owner)

    I am satisfied with your video very much. Splendid!

  18. FallenOne (verified owner)

    I could eat you poop all day mistress I also eat you pussy juice all day as well thank you for sending your tasty poop I cum so many times I just need to buy more thank you my dear you are so stinky it makes me cum so hard that get all your poop in my month and swallow it I also chew it up as well I love making it last big hug love you.

  19. hungry666 (verified owner)

    Ordered the package and dug my finger into her shit and just sucked it right off, and again and again. I felt so kingly and my dick was hard as steel in the process. Amazing woman. The smell is still on my finger as i’m typing this lmao. I’m so happy. You’re the best Rachelle!

  20. Jordan (verified owner)

    ordered most of your shit (see what i did there) love every thing about you. Wish therre was more i could pay for. Anyone who is into this get your dumb asses on it cause you’re missing out!

  21. hiro (verified owner)

    I am a second purchase. It was very fresh and very delicious again this time.

  22. MyFaceYourButt (verified owner)

    I had a great Thanksgiving this year, for one big part thanks to Rachelle’s “special delivery”! Hopefully your day was great too.

    Her sexy gift was nice and big and solid, just like in the videos — it is amazing to now really have physically gotten to meet her, in a special way. I’ve never met anybody else before.

    I enjoyed spending a very long time enjoying the process of gradually warming up and unwrapping the package, all the while with scenes from a custom video Rachelle made for me on the screen — in this world there isn’t any greater pleasure I can think of that what she provides me (and can for you too).

    As I have told her, her sending this stuff to me is about as close as possible as I can imagine to ordering an actual magic wand from Amazon! It is the real deal.. 🙂

  23. brett (verified owner)

    If you don’t think this is not one of the most wonderful things in the world then you need to move on to something else. I’ve bought her big treat baked goods a couple of times; but if you want the real thing you have to get the real thing. There is nothing as wonderful as holding one of her massive shits in your hand after you open the package and adoring its grandeur. If i could i would get one of her brown gifts every day of the week. Don’t buy them so there is more left for me!!!!

  24. scracklelover (verified owner)

    My second time ordering Rachelle’s gift. The first was great but ,this one is even better! I like my shit firm but the softer is good too. She was kind enough to separate it in a divided container. The taste was every bit as delicious as the first order. I’m going through it slowly because it IS a bit expensive for my budget. I TRULY wish I could eat from Her EVERY day!!! You are beautiful Rachelle. Heath and happiness to you always!!!!

  25. Dominocad (verified owner)

    Her shit is delicious!!!. 100% recommend. Thanks Rachelle, you’re amazing!!!

  26. Michael (verified owner)

    Well I came into the office this morning and saw the package on my desk. A full load of poop plus 2 Banana Butt muffins. I tore open the bag and went to the kitchen and got a fork. The container was quite heavy and I knew I had a good load. It was dark brown and half hard poop and half soft. The smell was strong but enticing and I quickly dug in to the hard part. I took small bites and sucked it and chewed slowly, enjoying every bite. I then took some soft and creamy bites and that was easy to eat. It was bitter but tasty and before I had finished half the container I had cum in my pants. Without even touching myself – that how delicious she is. Thinking of that beautiful bum; her sexy hole opening wide made me so excited. Her alluring smile and gorgeous body is a joy to behold. Rachelle is a true superstar that delivers every time. Now I can burp up her poop all morning before I dig into some more at lunch. What a day!!!

  27. chastityfan (verified owner)

    I have ordered other shippables before from Rachelle, but there’s nothing quite like the real deal. If you can handle a brownie, you can at least try her full poop. You owe it to yourself to at least try it once. Fortunately for me, I had the privilege to experience being a full-toilet with my latest order because Rachelle made me a custom clip to go along with it. The entire experience from start to finish was extra special (and real). Rachelle you are AMAZING! XOXO

  28. Michael (verified owner)

    My second order of her poop and pee. I snuck off to the work bathrooms with a spoon and opened up the bag. Strong smell ( probably about a week after) – delicious taste as I dug in. Lots of small surprises in every bite- exceptionally sweet and yummy.
    Her morning pee in pungent as well with a strong delicious taste too.
    I got poo nut buttercups too and raspberry squares. Everything is just so yummy my dick drips with excitement from everything she ships.
    I love ❤️ Rachelle- and will continue to order only from her. She is that good!!!!!!

  29. Michael (verified owner)

    I got her poop this week. Sweet as candy and super creamy. I put a tablespoon in my yogurt; a knifeful on my melba toast as a snack; on a bagel as a breakfast spread. So good ?.
    Iput some in the office freezer for this week. Can’t wait ?

  30. milespk (verified owner)

    After 3 years of buying Rachelle’s vids I finally purchased a raw log. Prior to this I purchased other shippables and they tasted fantastic so I figured the real deal would too. Very discrete packaging (and numerous layers to trap any smells 🙂 The key with these purchases is to freeze the item(s) before you open it up and start to take a bite, works like a charm 🙂 It is hard to not open it right away, but the freezer (and some chaser food) is the key if you want to gobble it up like an ice cream treat on a hot day. Another great purchase from Rachelle, no wonder the line to buy her poo is like a black friday sale on TVs

  31. slave1 (verified owner)

    First time ordering from this marvel of a goddess! Not only was the custom video amazing, and very personal, the solid shit I got was amazing as well. The packaging was top notch, very well preserved, looked like it just came out of her! The smell hit me hard, but not in a bad way, I have no clue what she does to poop like she does but it was nothing short of mesmerizing. I got comfy and followed her instructions on the video. From the first touch to my tongue it was an experience. It was so erotic and went down amazing. I took bigger and bigger bites, not once did it come across as gross. I will 100% order from her again, I must have more, I am hooked on what this goddess serves me.

  32. Fred ove (verified owner)

    As a scat loving norwegan guy, its not easy to get my hands on such creamy tasty poop only Rachelle can give.
    This was my second shipment pure and delisious poop.
    I could not wait to open my present. So i started right when i came back home. I lett it cool for about half hour as i was taking a shower. When finaly our time was come, i opend the present. The smell struck me. But i knew. Get past it and lett the taste amaze you. And i surly did. It was like a tousand flavor bombarded my toung and nose. I came, i came like a fire hydrant exploded;,)


  33. Zombro69 (verified owner)

    Bare with me as I am not usually long winded with reviews. I’m certain by the end some will think I am her new marketing manager all the while just being the “average Joe” who thinks it necessary to speak up and tell the heart felt fact as opposed to glazing over flattering opinions.
    Starting with the package delivery……I have never respected so much detail to being discreet and cautious as I have with an order like Rachelle’s. These may be minor details to those first time purchasers but a major deal to those who are hyper sensitive to how the product will actually arrive and have experienced less than otherwise embarrassing deliveries. By the time I got to the fifth or sixth level of layering, I wondered if I actually received her divine poo as it was so well preserved!
    With the opening of her well preserved package, I instantly resolved myself to the idea of I was receiving the goods of a reincarnated figure who was responsible for the phrase “girls poo don’t stink” lol! To the meat eater, it was the filet mignon. To the plant eater it was the eggplant Parmesan. However you shake it, Rachelle’s poo is unlike anything else and well worth the delivery time!
    I may be screwing myself by making my waiting time longer so please don’t listen to me! Call me BS and I will reap the benefits of what you are missing out on! lol

    Thank you Rachelle for an experience I can only describe as heavenly! : )

  34. patheticslave4u (verified owner)

    I was very worried the first time I ordered Rachelle’s poop being the first time I played with it. I thought to myself its just a fetish and I will not actually like it but as soon as I opened Rachelle’s package I was entranced. I thought it would be hard to even taste it yet I couldnt resist. I had read the comments about it being peoples first time and having trouble eating it but after my first lick I just couldnt resist. I grabbed a fork and ate her poop like it was the fanciest dinner I ever had. Its taste is impossible to describe, there is literally nothing in the world like it. Since then I have ordered her poop 4 times and each time I was easily able to fully consume it. Throughout the process of eating her delicious chocolate I was able to cum multiple times and highly suggest anyone who is interested in this fetish purchasing from Rachelle for their first time and enjoying it. You will not regret it.

  35. JamesJawn (verified owner)

    My journey into eating scat began with a couple baked goods from Poo Alexa before she retired, but hers was way too strong for me. My next attempt was Rachelle’s Twinkies in 2016 and although I came to realize that shit mixed with food just wasn’t for me, her shit wasn’t strong for me at all and had a pleasant, sweet taste. Last year, I got a pair of loaded panties from my second favorite scat girl and although I was able to eat some, it was also pretty strong for me.

    I’ve been watching Rachelle for well over four years at this point and she’s been my absolute favorite pornstar longer than any other girl. I finally decided to take the plunge and get a full load of her shit and a video so I could see how it was made. I was literally trembling with excitement like a kid on Christmas when I was opening her package. I also must say, I was thoroughly impressed with how well it was wrapped. The load of panties I bought from another model last year was vacuum-sealed, but only once and you could smell it emitting from the package! Rachelle’s load was wrapped with multiple layers so there was no smell emitting from the package at all. I was making my way down to opening the last couple layers and I could finally smell something, which got me instantly excited. Then I got to opening the final layer and was so glad it wasn’t overwhelmingly stinky like those panties from last year. When I finally opened the container, the smell was intoxicating. It wasn’t too strong or stinky like other scat I’ve tried, and the same applies to the taste. I instantly recognized the taste of her shit from last time, which was over four years ago. After just one lick, I had to eat some. I dug my tongue into the pile several times, shoveling out little pieces I let melt on my tongue and swallowed. I dug out a bigger, harder piece for the grand finale: cumming with her shit in my mouth.

    After shooting an explosive load, I quickly had to find a way to get the smell out of my room with an AC running and no open windows in the middle of a heat wave to make sure no one caught on to my dirty little secret. However, her shit wasn’t anywhere near as potent as those panties last year that stunk up my entire room for hours so it wasn’t as big of a deal. I put her container of shit in a big ziplock bag and I’ll have to find a way to feast on her shit in the coming days without having to air out my room every time.

    In conclusion, Rachelle has the least potent and best tasting poop of the three girls whose shit I’ve eaten. She goes out of her way to make sure it’s wrapped well to ensure both that it’s inconspicuous and as fresh as possible. I’ll definitely have to order again someday and hopefully get one of her more solid poops that look tastiest, but her soft load that I got is delicious enough and it’s an honor to eat the shit of the sexiest and most beautiful woman on earth 🙂

  36. Visionz215 (verified owner)

    The first time I’ve tasted Rachelle’s poop. I was surprised it tasted so good. I didn’t get to finish the whole thing but I ate a great amount. I also ordered the pee to go with it and it smelled pretty strong. As far as the taste it was easy to get down. I washed the poop down with the pee. I just ordered a new shipment so I’m really looking forward to getting a big log like I got the last shipment. All in all, I’m pretty pleased. I think I might at least try and do it monthly. I really enjoy eating Rachelle’s poop as well as watching her videos. I could cum to it everyday.

  37. SlvrSrfr (verified owner)

    I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I ordered Rachelle’s pure treat straight from the ever so delicious source. Rochelle has to be one of the most resplendent women out there and I can attest that her shit is absolutely delicious and takes you to the highest peak of arousal you will ever experience. I’ve ordered her brownie, blueberry muffin, peanut butter cups, Twinkies and her pure chocolate, which are all incredible, and I have never been disappointed. Her shit has this earthy pureness to it and I absolutely love the seeds that encompass throughout, that I can only imagine are pomegranate seeds. When it first arrived you would never be able to tell what could be hidden away in the package. After removing all the layers you come across this aroma that completely takes you over and you can’t help but become aroused at first scent. I put it in the freezer before tasting. Later in the evening I took it out and examined its glory before putting a piece in my mouth and letting it melt down. The taste is indescribable and I found myself jerking off at an immense speed as i swallowed her treat. I take little bites here and there and I now find myself spreading her shit on top of my ice cream and other treats. I have ordered a custom video along with another order of pure chocolate and I can’t wait for their arrival. If you have any hesitations about purchasing anything from her list, dont! You will not regret a single one. I do recommend starting with the peanut butter cups. I found myself taking the milk chocolate off completely and just eating the center that held her pure joy. But there really is no way to describe what it’s like to smell and taste her shit and how it just takes over all your senses and puts you into a different realm of erotic. I truly recommend purchasing any of the treats she offers or will offer in the future.

  38. Jim (verified owner)

    In a word,
    Extraordinary. The size of the caviar, the aroma ( nothing short of heavenly ) the txture of it on my tongue as I slid it around inside of my mouth, the taste beyond my expectations. I made a cookie sandwich with 2 mint chocolate cookies and the flavor blend was excellent. I’m going to make some scat meltaways with chocolate, butter and chopped pecans. i also had some smeared on a piece of ham. Delicious again. I’m going to slather some on a hot dog and then add chili and onions. I’ll definitely be a return customer. I wonder if she has any discount coupons like buy one get one half off or buy 5 and get 2 free cookies???? That would be awesome. If not I’ll just keep buying it as is.

    The only thing better would be laying under that fantastic ass of hers as she gives me my order fresh.

  39. Gianfranco (verified owner)

    Fantastic!! Great smell, taste and consistency. Rachelle did a great job packaging with double vacuum that kept the poop fresh despite quite a wait for shipping given it was over the holidays. I will be ordering again, highly recommended to anyone who loves poop, Rachelle’s is the best!!

  40. Anthony (verified owner)

    smooth as silk

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