Where You Belong

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Hrm.. I just don’t know, slave. Are you really still worth my time? I feel like you’ve been lacking in your performance lately–leaving a lot to be desired in this sorry excuse of what you call “servitude”. Pathetic. You SURE you want to be my slave, still? You think you’ve got what it takes? You like these pert, tight tits, don’t you? This perfect, plump ass? If you don’t want to say goodbye, then it’s time you prove yourself to me, slave–prove that you’re still worth my attention. I’m going to have to up the ante. You like this ass so bad, then let’s see just how much of it you can handle. That’s right, today you’re going to prove yourself to me by eating my SHIT.

I am going to blow a HUGE load of poop in your mouth, make you clean me up, forcing your tongue through the turds in your mouth to lick me nice and clean, and then, you’re going to taste, chew and swallow each bite exactly how I tell you! It’ll be exactly what you deserve–the only thing you’re really worth, considering you’ve just about failed as a slave otherwise… maybe I shouldn’t even call you a slave anymore. Maybe from now on, I’ll just call you “toilet” >:)

1 review for Where You Belong

  1. jeremy (verified owner)

    Excellent Video in which Rachelle is extremely seductive! for anyone who has eaten Rochelle’s shit, this video will make you realize that you have to have more because you are addicted!!

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