Toilet Training


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We both know why you’re here. You’re here because you want to take care of me–to clean me and serve me, to swallow all the evidence of my bodily filth, so no one would be able to know I even piss OR shit. You’re going to serve me as a full human toilet and take it all, swallow it ALL down for me, or I won’t have a reason to spare you my time at all now, will I? That’s right, little wannabe toilet–so kneel down before me and listen to *every* word I say, eat my shit as I tell you and follow my instructions, slave–I don’t want a smear of shit left on my floor when I get back from my date tonight–be a good little toilet, and suck and slurp all my poop down, and I might just feed you again. Can you satisfy me, little slave? Can you be a good toilet, and eat it all?


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