Step Mom’s Shit Revenge




You’re down on your luck, slut, cuz your new step mom doesn’t want you around anymore, now that I’ve married your father! He’s not going to save you, by the way, and nobody is gonna hear you scream. You want to know what I’m going to do to you? I’ve bet you’ve had a long time to think about it, since I left you taped to the floor in this room by yourself for an hour. I am going to get rid of you, you’ve been in my way for the last time, taking attention away from me when you’re still daddy’s little girl! I can’t stand it! Since you’ve been such a pain in my ass, I’m going to shove YOU up my ass. Hope you like the taste of my ass little girl, hahaha! That’s right, eat out my ass, I wanna hear you slurping you little cunt, or I’m going to take a bit shit on you! Oh, don’t cry, it’s not like daddy’s gonna save you anyway…

I’m not done with you yet, you little bitch. I’m picking you up sticking you inside my jeans with your face up against my asshole, right there you belong! I’m going to pull up my pants and go for a jog, hopefully you can hold you breath!

Mm, that was such a great run! Oh, look, you survived, hahah. Well, that sucks for you cuz I need to take a shit now, and you know where you’re going, down the fucking toilet and im going to drown you in it. Aww, don’t cry, you can always try eat your way out like a little bottom feeder. That’s what you get! That’s what bad little girls get that don’t listen to their step moms!! Hahaha, this’ll be the last place they’ll ever look for you, you nasty little shit covered cunt!

Bye byeeeee!


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