So Stinky!




It’s a special day as I’ve woken up super stinky. In fact, EVERYTHING stinks! I finger my pussy and smell it. Ooh, it stinks! I get super close to your nose and wink my stinky butthole at you, mmm~ Then I open my ass and shit onto the floor. Unf, my shit stinks SO bad! I show off my nasty, shitty hole, thrusting it up towards your helpless nose, it’s so strong you can’t help but swoon! I spit on my tits, rub my saliva against my fingers and sniff them–whew, even my spit stinks! I spit on my ass, down my body, my shoulder, I spit spit spit, and it smells soo much, by now you are totally dizzy from my crazy stinky scent!


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