Shitting Under My Skirts




I’m washing up and need to poop, but don’t want to use the toilet… so I take off my panties and shit standing straight up, it feels so good! I pull my panties back over my shitty ass afterwards, enjoying the feeling. You liked watching me shit, didn’t you? I thought so… I’ll see you tomorrow night….

Oh hello again 😉 Thought I’d put on my sexy dress this time… and fart in your face and show off my sensuous body and tease you, you want to see me shit standing straight up again? Haha, I suppose I can do that for you. I describe how good it feels to shit and moan, it’s so tight and thick… I shit onto the floor for you, letting my poop open my buttcheeks as I keep my hands on my hips and push! I show off my turds and dirty talk you as I blast some huge, noisy farts!


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