Shit Yourself Blackmail


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You wake up my prisoner, and you’re going to do everything I say. I know what kind of filth you’re into–and believe me, you’re going to want this private humiliation I have in store for you… instead of showing proof of your activities to your wife. Or how about the police? Oh, do I have your attention? Good. Get down on the floor. Put on these sissy innocent ladies pantyhose for me, and drink this. It’ll make you BEG for me to let you shit yourself. But you’ll have to wait, loser, on my countdown.

In the meantime, enjoy hear me taunt and mock you for being such a sicko, and how much of a delight it is that I’ll get to treat you like the piece of shit you are. Speaking of, you think me forcing you to soil yourself is enough to get you off the hook? Hardly. Watch me as I strip my ass and pussy bare, grab my heels and pull my legs up, exposing myself to you. You like filth so much? Then crawl to me and get ready–my shitter is brimming with poop, and you’re going to clean up my mess as quickly as possible.. with your mouth. Get ready, slave!


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