Shit Slavery Instructions


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Crawling back to me again, huh? You had a taste of my “chocolate” last time, and now you can’t stop yourself, can you? Just as well, my poop is delicious! 🙂 And don’t you worry, slave, I have a “meal plan” prepared, just for you 😉

I shit desperately into a lunch container, unable to hold back anymore, it just slips right out of my hole, oozing out in thick tendrils <3 I show it off and make you smell how much it stinks, and I tell you exactly how I want you to enjoy my precious gift, slave, that you can follow, along with jerk off instructions 😉

I just KNOW you're going to love smelling, tasting and eating my shit, slave. It's tasty 😉 I lean forward and give my poop some nice, long licks. Mmm, delicious! You better eat it all, slave, don't waste a single morsel… and no cumming until it's all gone, and in your tummy!

(*First nude vid after my emergency surgery last month 🙂 Makeup on my new incision scars, excited to be back in the game, and can't wait to pick up my workout routine again!)


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