Shit a Steamer! Long Hot Close-Ups




Um, babe? We have a problem… or I guess I should say, YOU have a problem. Look, I know we’ve been really working towards making some headway with our recent… “bedroom”, issues, as of late, but nothing I’m doing really seems to be working! You take FOREVER to get hard, you can barely keep it up, and I’ve been going all out for you. Being extra attentive, seductive, kinky…. And it was confusing me for a while, because when I first brought up the idea of us “spicing things up” in the bedroom, you looked really excited! But then, when I got out the kink gear I had, you looked disappointed again. I just couldn’t figure it out.

…Until I noticed one day, that you were snooping on me when I was on the toilet, thinking that I couldn’t tell you were there, beating your meat behind the door. I “forgot” to flush one time and left–and when I turned around the corner, I could see you jerking off into what I had “left” in the toilet…

…So, yeah. I know. You’re not excited by *me*, you’re excited by my poop! There you were, jerking off to it in the toilet! I won’t lie… it actually gave me an idea. Maybe in the future, I’ll let you watch me poop, and then you get hard.. and THEN we can taking things to the bedroom 😉 In fact…. oof, I really have to go right now!

Now watch me babe… I’m gonna slide my panties over and let you see how my poop comes out my cute butthole, and onto this plate…I even got a little pussy juice on there when I was pushing it out 🙂 Now then, I’m let you look at my raw, hot poop for as looong as you like… <3


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