Punishing Slave With My Farts and SHARTS


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You’ve been a huge disappointment lately, slave. You think you can get away with doing a bad job? Don’t think I’ll go light on slaves who disobey me, worm. You’re tied under my throne for a reason–under my ass is right where you belong! And I am *awfully* gassy right now… so, let’s play a game, shall we? It’s called, “Lets See How Long You Survive” …. 😉

I repeatedly blow hot farts all over your face as you struggle underneath me. Hard to breathe when I’ve taped over your mouth, isn’t it? You have to breathe in all these fart clouds with your nose. Smell EVERYTHING in order to breathe. Are you going to pass out, slave? You’re not breathing oxygen anymore, you little loser. Just Mistress Methane!

Ooh, I’m feeling a little bit more up there… I wonder if I’ve got a little “extra” for your punishment…? Would be suiting, wouldn’t it. I bend over and *push*… and I spray your stupid fucking face with my turd nuggets. Ahaha, how do you like your punishment now, slave? That shit all over your face stink? You’ll think twice about ever disobeying me again now, won’t you? That is, if you survive this… I fart and shart all over you over and over again, ending with a MASSIVE fart until I’m completely satisfied… Aaah, I feel so much better now, slave.. How are you? OH! Looks like you didn’t make it, suffocated to death from my gassy ass… I guess you really weren’t cut out to be my slave afterall, were you? <3


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