Poo Muffin Bake & Play – Part 1 & 2


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30 Minute video! Split into 2 Parts! 🙂

You’ve been very good lately, slave. I think it’s time I reward you. I am going to LET you watch me fuck myself and cum, squirting all over this floor–and then shit out a beautiful, large load of hot steamy shit. But today I won’t be feeding it to you raw, slave. Though it is tasty, isn’t it? I know it’s good shit, slave, I licked it myself. You’ve earned yourself a treat. Now thank me, slave. Thank your Mistress for rewarding you.

Your Mistress is going to bake a whole batch of delicious banana butt muffins–just for my slave. I won’t share them with anyone else–and you WILL finish them ALL. Now watch your Mistress closely, slave. Watch me make a dozen fresh yummy poo muffins. Watch me take a bite and eat it; I’ll share this muffin with you, slave.

**To those wondering, I still don’t make new shippable videos, but this was an exception, as a buyer bought a dozen muffins and paid for 30 minutes, and can only be bought here 🙂 **


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