My Diet – Sloppy Seconds for Toilet Slaves!


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Oh, slave. You must be *desperate* for my shit, if you’d actually order it from half around the globe! Or from another state, I mean. To be honest, you really must be STARVING for my shit 😉 You’ll do whatever it takes to eat it, and that makes you a special kind of slave. The kind that’ll do whatever I want. The kind that’ll eat whatever I shit for you, no matter how it comes out, you crave it. You’re under my spell, and addicted to eating my shit.

I’ll give you a little treat to go along with your meal, slave. I’ll tell you what I ate, what went into this perfect Goddess meal I’m about to excrete. Aren’t you excited? I list everything off, while teasing you with my body, before I fill your container up with a large poop and order you to eat it. C’mon, go on. Eat my shit, slave


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