Loud & Nasty Jean Farts and Sharts

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Oh man, I *completely* ruin my pink panties with my mega farts and sharts! I start off ripping a cute, soft fart in my tight jeans and laugh–I can feel there’s more to come… and sure enough, all my other farts are bubbly, cracking noisy, long and loud. I playfully wave my gas at you to smell it 😉 By the end I peel them off and show you how nasty they are, soaked in my ass juice and my stinky little turds.

1 review for Loud & Nasty Jean Farts and Sharts

  1. Franklin (verified owner)

    Amazing amazing amazing.
    Rachelle, you are the best farter on the whole internet, hands down. I’m always amazed at how loud, raunchy, and nasty sounding your farts are.
    This video was no exception.

    Please… do something like this again. I loved seeing you fart with absolute disregard for the cleanliness of your panties. It’s amazing to see you shart into panties!

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