Lick Mommy’s Shit


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Mommy goes to the bathroom to get some relief–I piss in the toilet and push, working on birthing this turd–when I notice something ELSE I’ve birthed spying on me in the laundry hamper! Why you–you little perv!! Spying on mommy like that! Get outta here! I yell and scold you for watching mommy go to the bathroom, but you don’t leave. You stay there as I start to poop… despite myself, I get aroused by the depraved attention, and invite you closer…

You wanna watch mommy poop so bad? Then come over here and get a first rate show. I bet you’ve been spying on mommy for YEARS, haven’t you? You can’t get enough of mommy, is that it? I bet it is. Why don’t you watch as mommy poops all over the floor. You like that, baby? In fact, why don’t you get so close to mommy’s poop, you can taste it… 😉


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