Hypnotizing You Into My Shit Slave


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Welcome back 🙂 Today is your final hypnosis session. Are you ready to get started? Good. I begin, swinging my pendant from side to side….you fall into a deep trance… and now, you’re all mine.

I’m tired of playing games with you. This time *will* be your last hypnosis session–your last EVER, in fact. From this point on, I’ll be doing more than putting you in a trance–I’ll be taking your SOUL. You will be indebted to me for the rest of your life, to spoil me and do as I please! Stupid mortal, you fell right into my trap. There’s only one thing left to do, and you’ll be mine forever–you’re going to complete my spell, but taking in something from me, and into your body…you’re going to eat my SHIT, slave!

There is no escape, and you shall be used however I please! I pull my plump cheeks apart and push out a HUMONGOUS load of shit onto a golden ceremonial plate. See that turd coming out my ass, slave? That’s your DESTINY. Behold my shit, human. I will force you to eat my waste however I see fit–you will lick, taste it–you will bite off whole chunks of my raw shit and chew them up and swallow! You will eat my shit again and gag on it and shit it out and eat it and more, again and again, and serve me til your very last breath!


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