HUGE Turd For Your First Time


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Hey there, cutie :3 You ready for your first time eating a whole load of my shit, yeah? I bet you’re just starving, watching me teasing you, letting you peek at my upskirt, letting you take long looks at my plump white ass, being all sweet and mean… Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you really get your fill with your first time 😉

I lay out a plate and push out, honestly, one of the biggest turds in my life–it’s humongous! And half of it misses the plate, getting all over my shag rug carpet! Look what you’ve made me do 😉 I should make you suck the shit off my rug fibers.. and clean up my fingers, they’re all caked with shit from having to pick up my turd, too! Open your mouth, little shit slave, and take a good shitty-finger fucking, feel them go down your throat… I even taste some off my fingers myself, swallowing a little. Good, isn’t it, slave? 😉

Well that’s great, cuz I’m gonna force you to eat it all! 🙂 No mercy baby, I don’t care if you can’t breathe and choke on my shit 🙂 Follow my exact instructions, sweetie, make sure to gobble it all… be worth my time, and I’ll even let you worship me again <3


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