Hot Lunch For Teacher's Pet! Earn Your A!
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Hot Lunch For Teacher’s Pet! Earn Your A!


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It’s about to be lunch and Miss Rachelle has asked you to come see me for an important matter. I just have to tell you, that I have never meet such a sweet boy and a gentleman-like student in my life… I’ve also noticed how keen you are whenever I bend over–particularly when I bend over and fart in class 😉 And I want to gift you with some “chocolate”. Some students eat glue… others eat poo!

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1 review for Hot Lunch For Teacher’s Pet! Earn Your A!

  1. atlantique
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    oh fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckkk… her cleavage tease, her gorgeous eyes, her beautiful smile, her kinky armpit hair, her huge ass, her amazing holes.. the entire script.. Jesus fuck what I wouldn’t do to trade for this happening to me in school growing up. My kingdom for this to have happened to me xD

    Every time I see a new video I think Rachelle has peaked and can’t top what she posted last and this time is no exception, this was an amazing video holy fuck. Haha I’d flush my old lunch down the toilet if this was offered instead 😍😍😍 Thank you again for being so great Rachelle 🙂

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