Giantess Shits On Traffic

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Fee Fii Foo Fum! I smell a bunch of PUNY humans! Look at you all, so stupid to try to build your roads through my territory. Really! I know I’m gigantic, and my domain is VAST, but did you really think I wouldn’t notice you clogging up my lands with your silly traffic? You’re all SO beneath me you’re hardly worth my notice, but even I’m not THAT stupid! 😛 Feel the ground beneath you shake as I take my monstrous high-heeled steps towards you–you’re all stopped, knowing that if you try to drive away or get out of your cars, it’s OVER. I WILL catch you. So I suppose I’ll just have my fun then, won’t I? 😉 Make you all into my little TOYS…

I pick up your cars in my monstrous lady hands, and kick cars miles across, and crush cars under my high, HIGH heels. I wonder what else I can do to amuse myself? Ooh, hm, actually, I’m starting to feel like, I gotta “take care” of something…… Oh, that gives me a really naughty idea 😉

I peel off my stinky stained panties and unload a MASSIVE, GARGANTUAN TURD all over traffic, crushing cars beneath it’s mighty weight! I laugh at your misery, endlessly amused. Can you all smell that? I bet it reeks even with your windows up!

I crouch over you panicked, hopeless fools like a mountain, and grab cars, sticking them hood-first into my shit, playing with the rest of you like toys for my monstrous fun, measuring my giant turd in car-lengths… I pick one car up and put it in my mouth, swallowing it whole… Now that I’ve “made room” 😉 I’m hungry and I’ve got all you delightful little morsels to eat! You’ll all go in my mouth and come out of my ass too, just like this turd 😉

*oops! money shot was slightly cut in the beginning due to camera behind me–hard to see! 🙂 So I’ve lowered the price a little, but you mostly see my mega turd push out my butthole, and it’s BEAAAUUTIFUL! Love you guys 😉 Muah! **

1 review for Giantess Shits On Traffic

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    more like this?

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