Forced Shit Desperation


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I am fully naked, buttplugged and stuck in this room for days, nipples clamped, crawling around on my hands and feet like a dog and a rope tied around my neck. My ass is full and I’m still not allowed to poop until I confess to cheating on you. You say you’ll only let me go once I confess to something I swore I never did! I never cheated on you hun, I’m begging you to let me go. I start to cry, beg and moan in pain, I really need to shit and I can’t hold it any longer! I am finally forced to take a giant shit against my will, crying and humiliated, finally admitting that yes, I did it, I’m just a stupid awful slut, and I’ll never do it again… but you still won’t let me go. I’m a bad girl, and I really need to be punished. You threaten me, and I’m forced to bend over a plate full of shit, gagging as I’m made to eat it all…

**(This is my first custom vid of me playing a humilated slave, hope any of you sadists out there enjoy it! Quick disclaimer, I don’t actually eat my shit in this vid, it’s suggested with camera angle to feed the fantasy. I have the price low cuz it’s my very first time doing this role and because I wish the rope I had was thicker 😉 lol!)


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