Fill Your Pig Stomach With My MASSIVE Shit

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You hired me, not for sex, not for company… but to let you eat my SHIT? Huh, well, that’s a new one. But, I hope you brought a big enough plate, because I am going to lay a MASSIVE turd for you! And if I’m going to feed you my shit, you’re going to have to eat it piece by piece, *exactly* how I tell you.

I bend over and you get a perfect view of my bubble butt birthing out log after log after log, filling that plate right up with your meal. Here you go, you pig! A toilet like you has to finish this all up, and I KNOW you’re going to like it. If you do a good job and eat it all up, I’ll come back and fill you up again and again and again…

1 review for Fill Your Pig Stomach With My MASSIVE Shit

  1. jeremy (verified owner)

    Rachelle looks superb in her sexy blue mesh attire and throughout teases you with her promptings to eat her shit, those who have already “crossed the Rubicon” will know what I mean when, If, I were to say “yes please”! another excellent highly motivational video from the beloved shit princess!!

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