Dump and Panty Play
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Dump and Panty Play


These panties SMELL, baby. 3 days wear, and but it’s all the mileage. These are *heavily* worn, sweated in, used to wipe my pee and have been rubbed into my swampy, summer ass, and played in. They smell so much, that when I stand up in public, I can smell them. Nuts! I wanna finish myself off in them before I give them to you, but first I wanna… clear my holes a bit, before I can continue my fun 😉 I poop right on my futon and ask you to take it–enjoy my poop, while I enjoy myself, babe!

I bend over and fill my empty ass again–this time, with some thick, juicy purple anal beads <3 I love this toy! I gasp and moan as I force each increasingly bigger ball into my tight, aching little anus… wagging the toy like a naughty tail and enjoying how it pulls inside my ass while I do so… until it's ALL inside, mm! Feels so good! I make myself cum fucking my ass with these beads and ripping them all out at once and fingering my clit, right up in your face…. and peel my panties off, showing you the messy gusset 😉 hope you enjoyed smelling ALL my fragrances hun… you'll get my poop and panties to enjoy after this, too!

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