Creamy Shit JOI For Toilet

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Little toilet, do you like my dirty talk and this heavy, plump, full ass? You love how it looks in my naughty crotchless lingerie? This slutty brown hole, and what it’s got inside for you? My ass is preparing a “treat” for you, toilet, hope you’re ready for it… grab your dick and jerk your toilet cock for me, watch as I fill a container full of my creamy shit for you, keep jerking it just how I tell you–and obey me, as I tell you to do humiliating things to amuse me while you’re pumping your cock, and not allowed to cum yet… Do you like my treat, toilet? I’m going to make it sweeter. I sprinkle it with M&Ms, yum. Won’t my poop be yummy, toilet? Pump that cock harder… and I’ll tell you just how to eat it, and what you have to do for me, first… But I’m warning you, toilet: I’m a cruel mistress…

1 review for Creamy Shit JOI For Toilet

  1. rachelles_toilet (verified owner)

    This video is so hot. I love the outfit. I wish she could have stood up more to get a full body shot looking up. The very last scene where she walks out the door is the only time. I actually had to pause the video because it was so hot her walking out the door. In regards to her other videos and going forward, I wish that she would update her wardrobe collection and wear more sexy outfits and heels.

    I fantasize being Mistress Rachelle’s toilet 24/7. I fantasize smearing her shit all over myself. I fantasize masturbating with her shit squeezing it into my cock as I masturbate and lusting for her big booty.

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