Baking DOZENS Of Delicious Poop Brownies!
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Baking DOZENS Of Delicious Poop Brownies!


Sometimes you just deserve a break 😉 Take one with me, with this bundle of poopy brownie baking madness, over an HOUR of watching me push luscious logs and baking decadent, perverted treats with them at 40% off! And yes… I even EAT some! 😉

1) “Poop Brownies (Video)”

Mmm, hungry again, are you? Don’t worry, toilet slave, your scat Mistress is gonna take good care of you… Now stay down on the floor, and shut up, and watch. I’m going to make you some delicious, chocolate dessert, and I’ll even let you watch… I tease and taunt you as I bake my special poop brownies, I know you just can’t wait to stuff yourself full of my shit.

2) “Shit n’ Bake You A Batch of Poop Brownies”

Making a whole batch of deliciously shit-chunky poop brownies just for you! You don’t have to share these with anyone, baby 😉 And you get a perfect view of the THICK and rich turd pushing out of my ass, and shown off to you in some hot close-ups. I tease you in my hot heels, naughty panties and crop top, pushed up to show off my pert tits, as I walk you through the magic-makin bakin’ process! I make sure to also bend over and blow a few farts into the batter when the urge hits me… whew, stinky! 😉

3) “I Bake POOP Brownies And EAT One!”

FIRST TIME I EAT MY SHIT ON CAMERA! In the form of poop brownies!! 😀

Watch me shit a MASSIVE load into a bowl and bake a fresh batch of brownies with it! 🙂 One half mix, one half shit! I finger fuck my filthy ass and smear it a bit after, and ask you to clean me up a little before I begin… I tease you the entire time while telling you all about my little secrets and personal touches to make my brownies absolutely scat-tacular! 🙂 Then I throw them in the oven and come back later to show you a whole batch of my delicious poop brownies! They look and smell so good, I even eat one–and tell you about my previous, off-camera eating experiences lately… so this will be the first time ANY of you have ever seen me eat my shit!! I tell you how good it tastes and how you guys better watch out, they’re so good I might just eat them all myself 😉 Now I see why people are so addicted to my brownies!!

4) “Eat My SHIT Baked Brownies!”

I hope you’re hungry! I’m making you my new taste tester for my first batch of shit baked brownies! I tease you, give you instructions and walk you through the preparation process, shitting a turd into a bowl and mixing it with all the other tasty ingredients I need to whip up a delicious, chocolatey batch. Some even gets on my hand, and I eat it up–the most of my own shit I’ve ever eaten!! I flush, it tastes so good <3 Now come on, lick the spoon… don’t you want some too? 😉

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