2 Close-Up Shits – Super Detail!

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Watch me birth two hot loads, super up close and with SUPER detail! My pussy was super grooly and wet too, and you get to watch me cream all over my winking asshole and my poop just as it’s coming out <3 Shot in 60fps, so great ready for quite an eye full 😉

6 reviews for 2 Close-Up Shits – Super Detail!

  1. Aaron (verified owner)

    This is probably the single hottest thing I’ve ever seen. Watch this on a big screen in a darkened room with headphones on and it’s quite the experience…the little sounds and incredible detail on the shit make it just insanely awesome. A lot of gals do POV or “close” videos like this, but none come anywhere near this one in terms of detail and sexiness. Swear I can feel it falling in my mouth it’s that realistic.

    It’s also hot to see how much she enjoys doing this; tons of cream runs from her pussy as she delivers these *massive* loads…another thing that sets her so far apart from others, when she touts a big load, she actually delivers one. Buy this video. If for some strange reason you buy no other videos off this site, buy this one. You’ll probably never be this intimate with shit otherwise. 🙂

  2. Virtuous_Lust (verified owner)

    Amazing, very hot, tasty and steamy logs, Shit of a Goddess! 😀

  3. eddielovesrachelle666 (verified owner)

    this is one of the best, maybe the best vid of Rachelle. super close up. you hear the noise of her ass, and you see her struggling pushing the big turds out of her ass. her little asshole stretched … and then her hot pusy constantly dripping and drooling white creamy juice. yummmm …amazing vid. 5+ stars… Rachelle is shit Horny …..

  4. MyFaceYourButt (verified owner)

    If you are really into this sort of thing, it is very hard to imagine a better video!

  5. Analsweat (verified owner)

    This video was the most amazing thing I have seen so far, the nice camera angle showing her butthole open up to a nice shit is a turn on, I will enjoy this video when I eating her meal 😋

  6. chivalryrocks (verified owner)

    This is my first purchase from the lovely, incomparable Rachelle, but it certainly won’t be my last. Amazing. The intimate perspective this short but oh so sweet video provides is worth its weight in go–err, shit. Utterly captivating, immensely sexy, simply sublime. Five stars is not enough!!

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