White Panty Poop

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I really have to go, and I know just how I wanna do it! <3 Right in my tight crisp, white panties! I shit out my load nice and slow for you before stretching out my panties with my large turd. I peel off my panties and spread my poopy ass before showing off my smashed shit pile.

2 reviews for White Panty Poop

  1. Toby (verified owner)

    I love watching Rachelle fill her panties, that’s my thing, and this video provides a wonderful scene where she deliberately pushes a lovely firm load into her tight white panties while she squats and spread her beautiful legs. Turn up the volume from the outset because you can hear her shit crackle as she pushes it out to get it going. Once she starts shitting herself she pushes a lovely thick lump slowly out of her body and gives a little lift at the end as she finished off. Delicious video with the bonus of seeing Rachelle’s sexy wet pussy at the end.

  2. MyFaceYourButt (verified owner)

    Hot and delicious.

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