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Mean and CRUEL Toilet Treatment! Variety Pack


Sometimes you just need a break! Not that you deserve it, of course, but nonetheless! Take yours while enjoying my mean and cruel toilet bundle, where you’ve given all the nasty attention you need while enjoying this depraved, delicious fetish in good company 😉 The 40% off is really just the cherry on top! Now CHOW DOWN.

1) “Shove Your Face Down My Toilet”

I call you into the bathroom as I’m about to take a shit… I tease and humiliate you like the bitch I am, revealing that I know you’ve been spying on me like a pathetic loser, even when I’m in the bathroom… you want a piece of this? My tits, my pussy, my ass? Well too bad, losers like you don’t get hot chicks like me. But stick around, I know what you REALLY like, and I’ve got a loaf to pinch, anyway… I let you watch me drop bombs in my toilet and stink up the room. When I’m done I turn around and pull my jeans down to my ankles and put my dirty butt in your face and make you clean me with your tongue. When you finish I shove your head into the toilet!

2) “Desperate Bitch Forced to Shit! CHOKE On IT!!”

UGH, I seriously need to take a shit SUPER bad and you’re busy taking a 20 minute shit! What the fuck is wrong with you that it’s gotta take so long?! I feel my shit starting to slip out of my asshole, failed to desperately keep it in long enough to wait for your useless ass to finish UP! I pull my underwear aside and shit my load into a nearby container. WTF! Fuck you for forcing me to do this! My panties are ruined, too! UGH! Once I FINALLY get inside the bathroom, I force you to see and smell this mess you made me make! you need to take a shit, but I (as a fictional character) am in your bathroom which is preventing you from taking a shit (desperation theme). How fucking DARE you, you waste of space?! Hope you like being forced to lick my filthy toilet paper and have my disgusting soiled panties shoved down your THROAT!

3) “Farts and Shit From A Mean Bitch”

Ugh, you’re such a loser, following me everywhere. Don’t you know already you’ll never get a piece of me? Whatever. I’m just gonna chill, fair warning though, I got some gas. You so desperate to be around me you don’t even care? Ugh, you’re such a loser, go ahead and take these stinky ass farts in your face while I trash talk you. Ew, my pre-poop farts seriously STINK! I definitely have some shit up there. Ew, and you’re hard, too?! You’re an even bigger loser than I thought! I shit some thick turd poppers on a plate and keep farting and make you smell it all. (Got some nice noisy farts in this one 😉 but not as intense as my other fart vids, this one is more humiliation based… like you just feeding on the scraps my ass gives you)

All of the following downloads are included when you purchase:
Download #1:
Length: 10:09s
Resolution: 4096x2160
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 1 GB
Download #2:
Length: 9:09s
Resolution: 4096x2160
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 1 GB
Download #3:
Length: 10:27s
Resolution: 1920x1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 756 MB



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