Bad Girl Poops Her Diaper


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It’s not fair.. I’m in trouble again because I had an “accident” recently… and I’m being punished. My parents have me doing all these chores–just look at all these dishes I did last night! And now, I gotta rush and put them all back before the school bus comes. My parents have already left for work, but I go as fast as I can–I don’t wanna get into even more trouble… hopefully I don’t have another accident today…

I’m so sick of having to wear diapers… STILL! Most of the girls my age already have boyfriends, and here I am, making these “mistakes”… I’m flustered trying to get all these dishes put away in time–oh no… I touch the back of my diaper–I can already feel another “accident” coming on!! I try to hold it but I fill my diaper.. I peel it off, my turds tumbling on the floor–more poo pushes out afterwards, too. Oh God! What am I gonna do?! I’m gonna be late!! I gotta go catch the bus… I don’t have time to clean my poop off the floor, tho.. What will my parents say??


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