Forced To Fart!

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Oof… babe, I’m sorry, but I’m not really feeling that good? I dunno, my tummy is churning and feeling super gassy… I know, I really wanted to go out tonight but it’s just, ouch, really got some seriously cramping going on, you know? Look, I’m not saying your food was bad, it’s just, you really put a lot of beans in your food, don’t you? Full blown Mexican… Ouch, that’s a real bad cramp. You know, you’re gonna need to go, when I get like this it means I’m gonna have some REALLY bad farts…

I blow a stinky fart out my ass–I can’t believe how LOUD it is. Oh my GOD! That’s so embarrassing. Oh, what’s that, you actually like it? Well fine, I guess I’ll just keep farting right in front of you then, fuck it. I’m gonna fart anyway. I smirk, even starting to get into it, and blast your face with farts over and over again…

Oof, except now, this is starting to hurt even more! The farts are getting harder to handle for me, and the cramping is terrible! This is no ordinary gas. What the hell did you put in my food?? I swear to GOD you put something special in my food to do this to me on purpose, cuz you’re not farting at all! You fart-roofied my plate, didn’t you!!

1 review for Forced To Fart!

  1. Nicholas (verified owner)

    If I could rate this higher than 5, I would. Rachelle could make a video where all she does is film still shots of her glorious ass from different angles and I would buy it. The fact that she farts and shits in her videos is just a bonus, in my opinion. GIve her all your money.

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