Face Sitting Fart Tease

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I’ve been slowly training my boyfriend to enjoy face-farts. He’s always been totally obsessed with my ass, and I’ve been taking that love and helping it grow 😉 We’re excited to show our progress on camera, and we’re both vocal 😉 Now he can’t resist my thick gassy bubble butt. I sit on his face, smothering him, and ask if he loves it when I suffocate him under my ass. He groans in approval, and I launch a fart right in his mouth.

I blast hot choppy farts over and over again all over his face. I’ve introduced him with gas from lighter foods first–I’m going to build him up to love my famous massive blowout stinkers next. He really can’t get enough 😉 I jerk him off and suck him as I far in his face–until I cruelly build him up and edge him–letting him lay on the bed suffering as I get up before he cums.

Sorry babe, but I’m all out of farts! You’re just going to have to lay there and wait for me to get gassy again. Gonna have some Mexican 😉 No touching, by the way! You’re not allowed to cum until I say so 😉

2 reviews for Face Sitting Fart Tease

  1. seanft4u (verified owner)

    If I could choose any way to be teased and dominated it, this would be it. Just a really fun fart clip.

  2. atlantique (verified owner)

    omg xD so lucky.. im so jealoussss xD

    fuck! and for anyone with a cuck fetish she blows her bf a bit in this one as well x) which was.. omg so amazing to see a big cock in her mouth!!

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