Eat My Farts and ASS Juice!




Aw, what’s the problem, slave? You bored, and need me to boss you around a bit? Looking for some orders, huh. Well, I’m just not sure what I can make you do for me… you’ve already cleaned, and organized and taken care of everything else I’ve demanded, so I guess I’ll have to get creative… then some “inspiration” hits, and I feel my tummy start to gurgle…well then, I think I’ve found my answer. Open your mouth, slave, and eat my FARTS!

Go on, sniff my farts. I wanna hear you sniffing. Smell that chili! You like how how farts smell? Well, I don’t care either way. I ORDER you to open your mouth and swallow all my gassy gifts, take them all as I blast you in your stupid face over and over again. And you HAVE to do it, slave, or I’ll never let you back in my sight again.

I push out some super nasty, cracking and bubbly, obnoxious FARTS in your face, I push so hard I wind up pushing and oozing ass juice out with the force of my farts–some even falls on the floor. Clean me up, slave–lick my ass clean, I don’t care how it tastes. Lick my ass juice off the floor, too, slave. It’s dirty. Lick it up, taste it. Clean it up with your TONGUE.


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