Blowing Ass

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I’m on the toilet, panties around my ankles, reading a small section of the newspaper, farting and shitting into the bowl. About a minute in, I notice I have a peeper! I’m surprised, pretty embarrassed and amused but not mad 😉 I’m blushing and giggly, hiding my face with my paper at first.

I start to make conversation with my peeper with a few sarcastic remarks, ”Do you come here as often as I do?” all the while still blowing up the toilet. I actually welcome to company, my bathroom habits have gotten me into trouble before and it’s nice to have a fan! I talk about said bathroom habits, what makes me so gassy, a funny story or two of how my loud ass was a source of amusement for girlfriends, and gotten me into trouble! When I’m done, I wipe, and comment that I wouldn’t mind doing this again 😉

1 review for Blowing Ass

  1. Nicholas (verified owner)

    I’ve never envied a toilet as much as I did the one in this video.

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