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Scat star extraordinaire!

I love scat, making videos, and mailing my naughty treats to fans!

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Latest Release

You’d Eat Anything Out Of This Ass

I'm desperate and need to shit! I quickly grab a container and poop into it! First log goes in, but the second one falls on the floor, oops! Third log goes into the container like a charm. I show you the second large log on the floor... you're still going to eat it! Cut away to all the shit placed inside your meal container, and ready to eat 😉 I give you my honest opinion on my load, tell you how to smell and taste it, and give you eating instructions! I don't care if this load is foul and smelly, anything I shit is a DELICACY for you, coming out of this ass! And you are LUCKY to devour my stinky load!


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