My First 100 Videos! 13 HOURS of Poop! $99 (link)

The first (and only) video bundle of it’s kind, this offer is a real steal, and I thought it fitting to devote a blog post to it <3 I’m getting closer and closer to 500 scat/fart videos, and I’m feeling nostalgic, going back to my roots when I first started, eager and horny, a few years ago <3 So this deal commemorates that, and gives fans, old and new alike, the chance to own a buttload of sexy scat vids at 1/10th of the price. 13 hours… that’s a lot of quality scat action!

Can only imagine how sore your shit-smeared cock’s gonna be after you’ve made it through the whole thing (or we can make it a game, and see how long you last! 😉 As one reviewer said, you might need to take a scat vacation to get through the whole thing!)