“I’m getting better!” 

Maybe that line conjures flashbacks from some old movie you saw way back, where some old man slung over a filthy villager’s shoulder protests his being tossed into the plague wagon, and doesn’t fool anyone. Or maybe you didn’t grow up with Monty Python–in either case, I’m happy to say that I actually am getting better ? Thanks everyone for your support and patience with my recovery <3 

I can drive again, and I can finally shoot sexy vids again–as long as I cover my belly for another few weeks, as I wait for my surgical incisions to become scars. By that point, I can conceal them with a bit of makeup until they lighten and fade, and smear myself as dirty as the maker made me ? 

Regular wait times are about to resume for custom/shippable orders that have been put in during this time and afterwards <3 I’m getting myself back up to speed. 

Thank you everyone!! Here’s to getting happy and healthy again, so I can be the sexy pooping pervert you’re all here to fap to ? 

Study: Low T Could Indicate Risk of Heart Disease



Love, Rachelle~