Hey there scat kinksters! Dropping a line to let you all know that I had emergency surgery 24 hours ago to have my appendix removed. Extreme, sudden/severe symptoms Saturday morning with me waking up in so much pain I was literally screaming, unable to even get myself out of bed. If you’ve had appendicitis, you know what I mean ?  (You also know how it seems to just strike people of all walks of life randomly and without warning… scary stuff!) Thankfully it did not burst before they removed it, and the incisions are small, glued shut with no outside stitching, and should heal nicely. I’m in agony, but being watched by family/friends as I recover. 

BUYERS: Expect 2-3 week delays ON TOP of expected wait times before I can get to custom video and poop orders… For vids where you want me completely nude, I’m gonna adjust your script to wear some sexy lingerie/skirt to conceal some of my not-yet photogenic cuts ? 

NO SMEARING until incisions close completely, anywhere, NO exceptions ? 

SHIPPABLES: 1 week from now, I *might* be able to pack/carry/drop off shippables at the post office (right now even holding a cup of tea is so heavy it’s painful) depending on how I heal up. If not, I expect I can totally start packing/shipping premade treats like cookies, etc in 2 weeks at the latest (provided I don’t have post-surgery complications, but I’m confident 🙂

MESSAGES: You are free to message me! ? Please know tho, that I will be answering messages regarding orders ONLY for the time being, and adding you to my queue. Heads up: If you already have an order due/are in my queue I’ll try to reach out to you asap, otherwise please don’t take it personally if I somehow miss you on my list of buyers to contact, I’m exhausted, kinda overwhelmed and in pain, and it’s hard enough to even write this and respond to messages already in my inbox. 

NEW VIDEO UPLOADS: If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to poop again soon (surgery medicines/not being allowed to eat/drink and being on an IV for days puts a damper on that, also no way I can set up equipment right now) and do some saucy poop comp vids so you can at least enjoy the little presents that come out my butthole until I’m well enough to really give you guys the kinda show you know I can ? For anyone concerned, appendicitis does NOT impact bowel health, so once I start pooping regularly again my butthole is back to business as usual 🙂

Thanks for your patience and your support!! <3 <3 <3

Will have another update posted in 2 weeks!