You watched, you bought, you asked, and I listened ? I’m so excited to answer all the questions I got from you  this past month! Like the title says, this is my second AMA: Ask Me Anything, and those curious to know more about me can read my first one right here!

Will you ever consider having a male or female scat slave on your videos?

I’ve already considered it! ? Believe me, it’s something I’d like to have happen, and I’m in the process of working on it. I just don’t reach out to fans or anyone who knows me through my pornstar work–and for security reasons, I decline to meet fans. Sorry!  

What turns you on the most imagining what we do with your shit turds once we get them delivered? Maybe eating them? Jerk off with them?

I love the mental image of guys beating it to my shit and fucking my shit piles with their cocks 😉

Also have you ever experimented scat sex in your private life with somebody guy or girl and if so what do you prefer guy or girl for scat play? 

Nobody’s taken my scat cherry yet! 🙂

Am I right that as a generalisation most girls on the net showing off their pleasure in shitting have great bottoms as well? I have wondered if there is something to this, i.e. the more ass there is to play with the more likely there is also pleasure in-between the crack as well? What do you think?

Thanks for your question! ? I actually haven’t noticed this myself. I see all kinds of asses shitting online, LOL! But, being loved for your big ass can be an empowering thing, and those women might be more interested in taking their ass appeal/play further because of the positive reinforcement. That’s just my thought. 

If I remember you have noted your interest in shit started in your teens but I wonder if for many of us there isn’t some predilection before this, perhaps through some experiences that seemingly weren’t important at the time. I myself remember at about 8 years old playing doctor with the girl next door and being particularly interested in her bottom and getting her to pee and once even shit for me, which she was happy to indulge (all with the mind of an 8-year old of course). Interestingly, I was 21 or so when I became more of a “rear-end-man” rather than a “breast-man” (breasts are still great, though!). Do you have any new thoughts on the origin of your interests/experiences?

Thanks for sharing your experience! Like I stated in my first AMA, my interest in this fetish started when I was 18/19. Late teens, anyway. I remember running into scat porn online before then at times and turning away in confused mortification. It literally had no appeal to me, and I couldn’t understand why anyone else would. But, I do have some memories of having some vague and occasional interest in poop/poop related activities when I was very little. But I also think that’s kinda common. It wasn’t with a sexual interest back then, all just curiosity and exploring the world as a young child.  Like under the age of 6. 

Do you remember the first time you played with your shit, that is took it in your hands to feel and smell it closeup? Did you think this was something you had to pursue, or were you initially put off because of the taboo? How did you get past the taboo to fully enjoy it. What then made you show off your fetish?

Yep! I remember that ? I did that after years and years of watching scat porn–eventually just tried doing that myself. MASSIVE turn on. Confirmed that, while I had found shit distasteful as an object before, that I actually could find it appealing, and did, depending on the type of poop–and confirmed that I could have a future pursuing my scat fetish outside of just being a consumer of scat porn. Your last two questions, about how I got past the taboo and made me start showing off my fetish are already answered in my first AMA (here)  so I’ll leave you to read up on that if you’d like ? 

You, publicly at least, have been progressing in your shit-play to licking and chewing on small amounts. Do you think this will continue to eating/swallowing whole turds and enjoying it? As an example I am thinking of a scene you may have seen with Jade from the Brazil MFX series in which she is a patient to another girl playing a doctor who shits in her mouth and demands she eat the turds, which she does with complete abandon. Would you eat your own or another person’s shit like that? (I can pass on the clip if required.)

I honestly don’t know ? I don’t really feel a compulsion or desire to eat an entire turd, lol. Maybe that’ll change, but right now, I’m happy being where I’m at and don’t feel a push to go that far. Maybe a little further, like eating a little more, pushing my limit a little, but time will tell. 

Speaking of eating shit, it is obvious it has a different taste/smell according to what you have eaten, but have you smelt/tasted your own that was almost (or was) irresistible? Can you describe it?

Yep! Taste/consistency/smell all change depending on many factors–from what we eat, and drink, and other factors. There are times when it’s downright vile, depending, and other times when it is irresistible, especially if I’ve eaten something (like whey protein powder) that makes it sweet, or has a pleasantly earthy, mild taste, and is firm. That’s like the best shit imo. Not easy to always make–like, I dont have an exact science. Sometimes shit just happens! ? LOL. But yeah, when it’s like that? HUGE rush. I just gotta taste it ? You can see me describing the experience rather explicitly in this video ?  

In the last few years there have been a number of very lovely young women who have exposed their fetish to the Internet. They are distinguished by an obvious pleasure in shit (not just taking a dump like from JoyAngeles), plus are happy to talk to the camera/audience. Some examples are Santara, Claudia Shitter, Goddess Amanda, Betty Parlour, Ella Gilbert, Jocelyn Kane, PooAlexa and many others. What do you think is behind this new revelation of women enjoying shit? Was it always there but hidden for obvious reasons, or something else?

I think the biggest reason is because it honestly pays well. I’m not going to name names, but I know a good number of women who make money doing this only do it for money–like, they hate shit, LOL. It’s just a paycheck to them. Maybe about half of them are also real scat kinksters. I’m not saying you can’t have a scat fetish if you don’t taste/eat your shit, but when I see models who never do, I don’t assume it’s the real deal. Another reason is because sites like Scatshop and cheaper technology/faster internet/improved website interface make it easier for people to create and market anything online these days. More and more people are willing to check out extreme content at the touch of a button, and that helps open up the market, too. 

Do you have any favourite Internet “amateur” scat model? Are any role models for what you would like to do with scat?

I’ve always found PooAlexa and Veronica Mosers to be role models, even if they sometimes do things that I don’t particularly wanna do. Moser is incredible and goes further than I may ever go, but who knows ? Time will tell. I’m honestly more into guys than girls, and I don’t see any hot emerging male scat models with a strong brand and good video content. Where are you? ? 

Are you an “anal” person? I wonder if women into shit are more “anal”, in that they prefer anal play and sex even without the shit? Perhaps the greater pleasure from anal stimulation comes first then leads to shit play. Certainly any couple into anal sex will have to deal with shit at some times, which might become a turn on? 

I love anal! ? I love vaginal too. And clitoral… it’s all good ? l0l! 

I believe you have said that piss is not a turn-on for you, which I find a bit surprising, since I associate the two activities and I think people would tend to start with peeing on each other before progressing to shit, but I may be wrong. Have you had a person pee on you?If not I can say it is an exquisite experience you might find will change your mind. If you have and it was not exciting for you perhaps it was the circumstances?

Nobody’s ever peed on me ? Who knows, maybe one day it’ll happen and I’ll like it! 

Have ever had or have a boyfriend who was into shit? If yes, was it a regular part of your sex life? If not, what are some of your fantasies living with someone like that? For example, do you imagine shitting for each other every day, would it become part of your routine to shit while having sex? Would you rather give than receive or both?

Already answered this above–nope, never have ? If I lived with someone who also had this fetish, I wouldn’t let them interfere with my career as a porn star, for one. Just gonna get that out of the way, first. You know how many people order custom videos who wouldn’t want someone else in them? Or how much shit I have to save to keep up with my shippable demand, and shit orders? LOL, exactly ? Honestly, I don’t have a habitual fantasy in mind. Of course shit would play a part for both of us, but I require flexibility to be able to meet my own needs, first. Finally, it depends on the shit. Would I like to receive? Sure, but I’ll get the hell outta the way with nasty wet shit, lol! Would I like to give? Sure! But not all the damn time–I love scat, but I also got bills to pay! LOL! 

Have you ever had/have a girlfriend or fantasize having one?

I’ve had one before. I’ve thought about it, but maybe nothing beyond a play partner. I’m more into guys.

Apart from scat what other unusual sexual desires or fantasies do you have or would like to experience?

Some BDSM elements. I’m not into hardcore stuff, but I’m a switch. Electricity play, bondage… fucking a guy up the ass, us both using a double ended dildo at the same time, etc. 

Where do you see your current Internet activity heading? A new boyfriend might not appreciate sharing you on the Internet, for example, or do you see it including him as well? Do you ever think about it as something compartmentalised as the character Rachelle or part of your day to day life?

No “new boyfriend” is gonna be my boyfriend if he has an issue with my career or how I enjoy my kinks. End of story ? Maybe I’d include this hypothetical “him”, as I’m currently single, but it’s not a requirement to have a romantic/sexual partner also be a financial one or also be on camera. 

“If you’re bagging full loads every day, where does the shit for your shippables come from? Did you make them a while ago and stock pile them? How does that work?

Great question! I poop almost every day, but sometimes not. Like, sometimes I miss a day or two. Shit happens! Every single poop I take (except if I’m like, sick or traveling, etc) either gets used for shippables or is sold whole to a poop-buyer ? And everything sells. I have to re-stock my shippables/scat treat inventory once a month just to keep up with demand. That means (now that I’ve added new shippables to my store lately) having 7 loads of poop, at least, immediately vacuum sealed, and stored in a chest freezer, always on reserve, so I can always make sure that I have enough treats to keep up with demand. Running low on brownies? Thaw out a load of poop, bake a batch, vacuum seal the batch immediately, throw them in the freezer, sell out sometimes in a few weeks, at max a month ? I ship out something like 10-25 orders a week. And for anyone who’s curious or balks at this process? It’s the exact same way PooAlexa used to do it ? She’s my mentor, and I’ve learned from the best.

“Where does the shit for the treats come from?”

So basically, I gotta be very economical/business savvy with the way that I use my poop ? Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to make a living doing what I do! After all, I only got one asshole ? So, any time I take a shit, and that particular shit isn’t called for? (As in, that poop wasn’t part of a custom video/poop combo order, or a poop that needs to be shipped out that day for a buyer, etc) it’s immediately kept in cold storage for future use.  And yes, my demand is very high. Especially when you consider that I’ve had some repeat buyers who’ve ordered 10 and even 20 loads of shit in one BATCH (which takes months for me to fill, and even then, each time it completely made my life unmanageable, haha, I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to do that again) But, I have learned the hard way that I need a 3 week (at least) wait time for orders, because I’ve gotten screwed trying to do a 7-8 day, or even 2 week wait with my current demand–which soared after PooAlexa retired and a lot of her hungry poo-buyers came to me. Sometimes price has to go up too, to stall sales a bit so I can catch up, then back down, when demand is more manageable… 

Things happen–sometimes I’ll get something like 6 poop orders from different people on the same day, or I’ll get sick if it’s winter, or maybe my body is like “eh, fuck you, I’m not pooping today”, or I’ll have to travel to see a family member, or hell, maybe I was at the dentist and nature called! ? Thing is, delays happen, and I gotta prepare for that. Or people WILL wait for a month+ for their shit regularly, and not just because it “hit the fan” like it did for me in the winter, when I got REALLY sick, and had delays up the ass (which have thankfully been totally cleared!) And if I made my scat treats per-order? Well… I’m sorry, but logistically, it’s just not possible, or smart business wise ? Just because this is my kink doesn’t mean I can afford to be wasteful, either time or “resource” (heh) wise when I’m using my kink to make a living.

While checking out the answers from last years AMA, you mentioned that your a nerd. I was wondering, “Have you played or are looking forward to any video games That are coming out within the next year?” I have been Enjoying Mass Effect Andromeda even though the game has some questionable writing and multiple glitches. P.S Thanks for making great content and being chill person.”

Why thanks so much! I’m not much of a gamer, as I get addicted and it becomes a time sink, but I’m looking forward to the Final Fantasy 7 remake coming out this year! They better have the Honey Bee Manor with hi-def Cloud Strife in a hot tub with a lotta guys… ? 



Love, Rachelle