Got a question? Message me by April 30th and I’ll write a blog post in May with all my responses! 🙂

As many of you already know, I’ve had one AMA on reddit from over a year ago, (you can read it here!) when I was just starting out on the scat vid scene and finally exploring this fetish (outside of getting off watching scat porn, that is) Now that I’ve got my own website and have been selling my poop, as well as now even eating it from time to time, maybe you guys wanna know even more about me ? Maybe  how it tastes? What I like most? What kinda scat porn I get off to, or questions about my shippables and eating…?

Things I won’t answer: how much I earn, where I live, and will avoid questions that I deem inappropriate otherwise (will call by ear on that) Ask away! :3