Mm-mmm! You all begged for more, and your Mistress heard your pleas. Open wide, slaves! I’ve got not one, not two, but THREE new delicious shit and piss shippables for you to gobble down, and revere your Mistress 😉 Each shippable order comes with a FREE  how-to video on how I make these delectable poopy delights! Here are my delicious new additions to my Shippables page~


Raspberry Poo Treats!

Super rich, filled with creamy raspberry pie filling and FULL of stinky shit flavor, these are by far my stinkiest scat treat to date! These will melt right in your mouth… <3 


Lemon Pee Bars!

Perfect for pee-beginners and for the piss connoisseur 😉 While I greatly prefer poop to pee myself, even I’ve had to stop myself from eating these. Made with strong, morning pee in the mix, and more golden nectar poured over them when they’re out of the oven, these heavenly bars are moist, lemony sweet, and urine-tastic! 


And lastly… SHIT SNICKERS! 

You read that right. Homemade snickers bars with shit-filled nougat! This treat is special, because it’s the first and only treat I’ve made so that that’s best served chilled! These are messy, poopy delights–you’ll be surely smacking your lips when you’re done with these! 😉 

Now open wide! 😉 Gobble up my shit, slaves, like good little piggies~! If you eat it all, I might just invent even more treats…. 😉 

Website will be closing on the June 15th, please have all downloads completed.