Pooping Anal Beads




I’m so excited! Last time I managed to fit 15 beads inside my cute little ass… let’s break my record with 20, and see how dirty they call come out after 😉 I tease and show off my plump booty, framed nicely with my hot lingerie… you excited to see me fill my ass to the brim? Let’s begin!

I push those beads right up my ass one at a time, as the number increases so do my cries 😉 I can’t help myself from moaning at the feeling of each new bead being pushed inside my ass, filling me up. I cram all 20 in there, then pull them out for you…. only to push them all back in again <3 <3 I let those beads hang right in front of your face as I poop them out with my shitter, and show them off, covered in my ass juices 😉


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