15 Smelly Anal Beads




Smacking, spanking and shaking my ass as I show off all these beads I’m gonna cram up my ass, I lube up my ass with spit before sticking all of these beads in me, one by one, moaning as my ass becomes fuller and fuller… nearly bursting at the end <3 before I pull them all out of me, covered in my ass juices and bits of shit <3

****you'll probably laugh but I had a few fun/silly moments while making this vid, like needing to cut off the rings on the bead string because they couldn't get in my ass (deleted that) and had to prop my feet up on some nearby furniture to hold the position–but was having so much fun I didn't realize the furniture was getting dragged into the shot while I was stuffing myself full of those beads! LOL xD**


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