Poop Smeared Ass In Your Face!


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Lots of dirty talk throughout. I touch my naked body and tell you how I’ve needed to shit all day before I show off and spread my bubble butt open and let out a smelly fart and giggle, smack my thick ass. I pull my cheeks and wink my hole at you, I can feel the shit within and finger my naughty little pucker <3 I poop out a few turds and piss all over the floor. I squat down and finger my nasty hole, I can still feel more in there. You wanna see me fuck my shit out of my asshole? I take turns fucking my ass with my two favorite toys before shitting more onto the floor while rubbing my pussy. I show off all my pile of piss and turds with close ups.

But my ass looks a little too clean, doesn’t it? So I take all of my turds and start smearing them one by one all over my ass until it’s completely covered and filthy with my waste <3 Lots of close ups as I smoosh my poop between my fingers and bounce my stinky bodacious booty in your face before fucking my nasty shit covered ass one last time with my fav anal bead toy 😉


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