Your Meal Is Ready ;)


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Hey there cutie pie ? So what did you want me to do for you tonight… I could really show you a good time… What, no sex? Huh! That’s surprising.. wait, you don’t even wanna make physical contact, either? …Ok, now I’m curious. Just what are you paying me for, anyway? Are you one of those guys who’s just desperate enough to have a conversation with someone that you’ll pay a hooker for it? ? Oh, that’s not it either? Hm, I wonder what you could possibly be into, then… maybe something kinda kinky…?

Oh, am I right on the money? Haha, come on hun, tell me what you wanna do…… Oh my god, wait, WHAT? REALLY? HAHA, OMG, you… you actually… want to eat my SHIT? I can’t help but laugh–this is such a surprise! Are you being serious right now? Oh my god… wow… Oh, no, I’m not disgusted, hahaha.. well… alright, I mean. Why not? I’ll try anything at least once. That’s SO depraved… you really cut to the chase when you wanna fully worship a woman now, don’t you? Very well then…

I squat down and finger my wet pussy, looks like I’m excited to try this out, too–then shit in a see-through bowl so you can get a full look–a nice big load for you! How about that? You like getting teased and taunted when you eat a lady’s shit too, you perv? ? I settle down on the floor to instruct you–by then, my hot shit has steamed up the glass. Go on. Sniff my shit. Suck on each piece like a little cock turd, you shit eater. Take a bite, chew it and swallow my shit down your throat… I’m gonna make sure you eat it all, loser–if you manage to eat it all on your first go, it’ll amuse me so much that I’ll even let you eat the next one for free!

**to anyone curious about the “steam”, its actually frost–I had to poop then threw the poop bowl in cold storage for a few minutes before I could continue shooting, as I got interrupted <3 but let's pretend it's steam ;)**


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