You’ll Do What I SAY With My SHIT


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I shit a SUCCULENT, incredible load onto a golden plate, letting the tail of the turd dangle off of it enticingly, and tell you everything I’m going to make you do with it–it’s so thick and creamy, I bet you’re just dying for a taste, aren’t you? Hardly seems like an order “making” you eat shit, doesn’t it… Oh, some of it even fell and made a little mess! I’ve got some shit smeared all over my ass, my fingers, even some over my pussy. Look what you made me do. I think I’m going to have to punish you for that…

You’ll do anything it takes to eat my shit. You really wanna pay that price? I’m gonna make you hate yourself for wanting it so much… Let me guess, you’re not a big fan of your own shit, are you? You only like girl shit? Well I think I know my perfect punishment for you. Take my huge log, and repack it inside your asshole. I said do it. I don’t care what it takes, you’re gonna cram my shit right up inside your stupid asshole. Then YOU’RE going to shit it out, and eat it.

And since you love my shit so much, once you’ve eaten my re-packed shit, you can digest it and shit it out all over again. Let’s see how much you like eating my shit THEN, loser!


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