You Don’t DESERVE Real Air… Only FARTS & SHARTS!

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Oh my, you’re here again 😉 Did you enjoy my farts the last time you were here? Well, I am feeling bloated and gassy… how about a sequel? I fart in your face, blasting you with gurgling bombs, over and over again… taunting you, wondering aloud if you deserve real air, or to just suffocate on my gas, and die under this big pawg ass? I fart so long and hard, I shart in your FACE, and ruin my thong!

2 reviews for You Don’t DESERVE Real Air… Only FARTS & SHARTS!

  1. atlantique (verified owner)

    This is my custom! x) I voluntarily bought the video JUST so I could leave a review on it. Rachelle is amaaaazing in this one with some impressive sharts and deep base tone farts ? I just needed everyone to know that the last shart in the vid is actually literally epic and probably the best fart I have ever seen in a scat vid. Easily makes the video worth it on that last fart alone [but every other fart here is amazing as well x)].

    And for anyone still wondering what her chocolate tastes like I can attest to the bitter dark chocolate wonderful taste since I bought her thong as a treat with the custom 😉

  2. Michael (verified owner)

    Every part of this was the best! Please make more!!!!!

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