You A Good Slave? Or a Bad Slave ;)

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A slave like you has come to me to have me fulfill a huge turn on for you… a Mistress taking a dump on your chest! I and warn you that you’re not allowed to touch yourself until I say so, and tease you with filthy dirty talk as I talk about my stinky shit hanging over you as you watch it push out my asshole and ooze its way down to your chest… Hey! What did I say, slave! I said no touching! Get down on the floor, no more games!

I decide since you’ve disobeyed me that you’re a BAD slave, and you can forget getting a turd on your chest–I’m giving you what you deserve! A load of shit on your FACE! Open your mouth slave, I can tell this is what you REALLY wanted!

1 review for You A Good Slave? Or a Bad Slave ;)

  1. Castor (verified owner)

    I promise I would be a good slave, I would not disappoint you

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