Wet NASTY Farts, Squirting and Shitting

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Without a doubt the NASTIEST wet farts I’ve ever had!! I felt a little gassy before I hit record, but my surprise and shock is totally honest–I had NO idea I had so many blasters inside me! This video is FILLED with nasty fucking farts, and they’re LOUD, too. The longest and loudest one is 6 seconds, I shit you not. Incredibly hot vid, I fart all these nasty wet farts til I feel like I’m gonna die, then pound my pussy with my Gspot dildo til I cum squirting so hard that I actually shit!! Then I fart some more. Dear God, if you’re a fart lover, you need to grab your cock and watch this. Unf.

1 review for Wet NASTY Farts, Squirting and Shitting

  1. Robert (verified owner)

    Oh F**K, what a start! Dirty farts and spluttering anal juices running down R’s butt and leg. I’ve prayed for a long time she’d capture such a moment and would like to think there’ll be others. More farts, loads of piss and a turd as she frigs herself with a slim dildo leading to a super messy finish – can’t begin to imagine the smell in the room afterwards. She looked really turned on which in turn did it for me!

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