Want Me? Prove it. EAT it!


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You watch obediently from the floor as I taunt you with my body. I flaunt my hot curves, touching myself all over… palming my soft, luscious ass, caressing my long legs and firm, pert tits… don’t you want to know how they feel? Don’t you wish you were allowed to touch me? Taste me? …Fuck me? Do whatever you want to me? Well… maybe you’ll get to, but ONLY if you can PROVE yourself to me. Prove how much you want all of me… with a test.

You’re not good enough to have all of me now, so why not sample a… piece of me, instead? Lets see how you take it. I take out a plate, and tell you that if you REALLY want me, then you’ll have take ALL of me.

I shit on the plate, and present you your first meal as a human toilet. Hahaha, come on now, you want me, don’t you? Not only that, but you don’t want this to be the last time you get to see me again, isn’t that right? Go on… give it a taste. Take a bite. Swallow. Consume my shit, slave, and you’ll FINALLY belong to me.


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