Under This Ass Where You Belong


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Down on your knees, slave. Be on the floor where you’re supposed to when your Mistress enters the room. I sit down, kicking my high heel boots onto my throne as you look up at me… you must be starving for attention, slave. You better be hungry, human toilet. You’re gonna get the only thing you’re good for. I peel my tight leggings down, showing you my plump, Goddess ass. It’s YOUR job to keep this clean and clean up after me, toilet. Dispose of the waste. I feel my ass, realizing I have something stuck on it. Oh well, what do I care? All I know is that you’re gonna come up here and clean it off for me with your mouth, and be under it, where you belong. Who knows where my ass has been–it goes where it pleases.

I sit upon my throne with your looking up at the display of my pussy and asshole, both ready to give you your dues. I tease, debating aloud whether or not I should even feed you today as my anus groundhogs my turd tauntingly above your face. I laugh, deciding I might as well waste my shit on you, since it’s your lifes calling to be my toilet, and shit right in your face and piss all over you. Now make sure to clean it all up for me, toilet! Don’t leave a single trace…


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