Turning Dumped Boyfriend Into Human Toilet


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I’m furious after a long, tiring day of work when I come home to you, my deadbeat boyfriend, for not only forgetting to buy us some dinner with MY hard-earned cash, you leech–but with YOU demanding that *I* go back out and get us some! I *told* you I’d be working late and too busy to grab us anything and asked you to have dinner ready when I got back home! …That’s it! You think you can get away with living here for free while I work my ass off to keep a roof over our heads, and treat me like this? Guess again! You fucking hungry? Then why don’t you just eat my SHIT, loser!

Don’t think I’ll do it? Just watch! You wanna be such a piece of shit, then EAT some! You are what you eat. Go on, fucking eat my shit, you pathetic freeloader–you think I won’t make you? Then you can go sit out on the fucking curb tonight with all your shit–you’re not on the lease! I can kick you out RIGHT now, and toss all your crap and your sorry ass out on the street! So eat my shit unless you wanna be HOMELESS, dipshit! Take it, open your mouth and chew it down–I wanna see you working your jaw as you chew–I wanna see you swallow! I’m dumping you, you fuckwit, with a DUMP. You wanna live with me? Well then, you’re not gonna be my useless boyfriend anymore–you’re gonna be my TOILET! Ugh, look at you, you’ve already swallowed another piece of my shit–I can’t believe you’re so pathetic you’d rather EAT my SHIT than go out and get a fucking job so you can live on your own. You might as well be my slave for life, cuz now that you’ve eaten shit… no girl will EVER want you again. Now choke on my shit, SLAVE. You got a whole “meal” here left for you to finish off…


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